Good morning all my friends who have been practicing meditation with me every Saturday on YouTube and Facebook. I also welcome all the new friends who just see this video. If you are interested about meditation to help you to maintain you highest quality of living spiritually. Please join with me. It is time for us to practice now. I ask all of you to sit down comfortably, where you are. No matter how you sit, make sure you sit comfortably. Loosen up your hips and joints and let your entire body relax.

Let us Begin.

Just put your right hand, your compassion hand and wisdom on top of the left hand we call compassion. I just try to remind in case someone is new here today. Our meditation method is the special technique which awakens our spirit and helps us receive and activate the most important energy in our life. That is wisdom and compassion energy which we connect with all Buddhas from ten directions and receive those energy and transform it into our body, mind and spirit. That every one of us when we practice we are filled with the energy flowing within us. We really work with the energy. The energy flow helps us to discover how we are and also helps us to maintain our positive energy for us to be more happy, healthy and also to know ourself much better. Mindfulness breathing technique is really important. When you breathe in through your nose, and you carry it down to your lower body. You are expanding your belly and hold the air for three seconds. 1, 2, 3. Then you use your mind, concentrating just means just look right where we call the heaven gate point which is located in the front of the tail bone, then ending bone. Just keep your mind there to guide the energy to go through the backbone from that heaven gate and follow the backbone up to the top of your head. Then you breathe out and slowly sunken your belly chanting the mantra. We have been practicing for almost two years, but it is still good for beginners. When you are chanting the mantra you are focusing on the compassion energy, then all of your body will fill with all of the energy from the Buddha and transmit into your body. We repeat the breathing again and we are chanting the second mantra we call the wisdom mantra. Lighting up the wisdom to see through to understand what is beyond.

What we are talking about today is to go beyond to know ourselves much better with no guessing. With don’t try to dig in to understand all kinds of feelings created from your senses. The truth will be shown as long as you are mindful with the breathing techniques with these two mantras. They help you receive the special initiation from the Buddha. Open up, cultivate, and activate yourself to the higher level of living spirit. All we do is practice and guide very little to help us maintain the energy to flow. Let us begin. If you are new you just follow along. Even though you may not be doing it exactly the same, you still receive the energy. When you receive the energy just let the energy flow. Don’t interrupt it. Just let it flow with the free mind of non attachment. Let’s begin.

May all sentient beings be free of all kinds of suffering and receive a good energy from all Buddhas from the ten directions. Breathe in, expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra. These breathing techniques we repeat every time we chant the mantra.

Mu A Mu Sa Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (7x)

Dear all friends, you just keep maintaining mediating in a very silent way. Let your breathing in and out quiet your mind. and relax. Fill with your energy, humble yourself down to the earth. Be one with the mother earth and open up your mind. Release all the negative energy. Let the earth of mother nature transform it. Rooting yourself down deeper in the center of your thought. The Buddha thought, the non attachment thought. Just receiving the energy Keep your awareness from the top of your head down to the tip of your toes. Conscious of every part of your body. We are the spiritual scientist sitting here on earth. Open the heaven within to be in touch and receive the energy from heaven and earth, from the nature which connects us with all the Buddhas. Let the compassion energy flow and let the wisdom guide us to see through. By focusing to be with the compassion and the wisdom energy which provided directely from all Buddhas in the ten directions we are strong enough to get behind all negative energy and go beyond to know the truth. The mantra Mu A Mu Sa helps us to be healthier, clearer minds, that we can see through and break through to know ourself within every second of our life when we are breathing out and in. The energy flows that is what you will be filled with. Don’t grab it. Don’t hold on for that. Like the water always flowing, the energy will flow and your entire body like the whole systems of the water that flows from the creek to the river, back to the ocean. All you have to do is just watch the water flow. Allow the energy to flow from every self to others connected all together with your wisdom. Receiving with the humble mind that helps you fill with more energy evey second of your life and help you to reach out to the highest capacity of you living spirit in daily life. Go beyond, does not just mean you are accepting how people are setting you up, but you are able to go back to the nature of who and how you are from the origin, from the very beginning. The two mantras we are reciting give us a clear and power path to connect us with the Buddha. When we practice together we receive the very special initiations from all Buddhas to open up, to cultivate directly with no other agent from a so called great master. Buddha is the great master; I am just a bridge for you to go beyond me to meet directly with the Buddha.

Just fill with the energy. Just be one with the energy. Now let your mind connect with all your family all your loved ones, community, society, let the compassion and wisdom energy flow through all, and may all be free of suffering, be at peace, mindful and happy.  May all the sickness the illness, suffering, will be transformed to support our life every day in good positive energy.

Let’s breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breathe out, sunken the belly, chanting the mantra: Mu A Mu Sa   Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng.  (7x)

Just be silent again. Just keep doing your breathing technique, chanting the two mantras in silence by your mind, your thoughts. Let’s reach out to all your loved ones now who come first, fist connected and offer our energy to that person. Thinking about all sentient beings in which form that they still suffer. Visualize your energy connecting directly with them. Receiving the energy from the Buddha through you that you pass on to everyone you are thinking of. If you feel the energy flow in your body, no matter how it moves, left to right, right to left, forward and backward, spinning around, just let the energy flow. Keep you mind fully awake. Fill with all the energy flowing, don’t hold it back. Let it freely flow from the top of your head around your body down to the tip of your toes. IIf your thoughts arise, just watch. Don’t try to make any meaning of that thought. Don’t color your thought. Just let your thought be pure as it rises up in you mind. Bless it with the Mu A Mu Sa and line your thought up with Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng.  Allow the energy, compassion and wisdom leading yo to go beyond to discover the truth of who and how you are. Remember what Buddha says. Treat every phenomena equally and allow your love and compassion connect with all. Be mindful, with no perception, no concept, no idea, no I.  All of the phenomena is impermanent. It is there and will be gone. It does not exist forever. It transforms from one form to other forms within the energy we call the emptiness form that carries all information from one form we can see, touch, and feel to other forms depending on how the energy forms into. So let yourself to be free. Free of all even suffering is impermanent. It is. Don’t hold it back. Let it flow.

Buddha always comes to us. Always is with us inside because we are becoming Buddha. The Buddha nature within us All thoughts rise up from the Buddha nature. Have no meaning or attachment, it is pure just like a diamond, crystalize our minds by not attaching to anything which is helping you to maintain the highest possible energy to transform your life. Thinking of your parent, husband, wife, children, and friends. We love all equally. We treat each other with full respect that they are a Buddha becoming. Let the energy flow again. Together we pray for them to be free from all kinds of suffering and receive the compassion and wisdom from all the Buddhas in the ten directions. May all of us cultivate and connect with all the Buddhas. Let’s activate our compassion and wisdom together. Let go of the ego and be humble. Rejoin the mother earth and heaven. Be who you are with no perceptions, no expectations. Breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point breathe out sunken the belly, chanting the mantra:

Mu A Mu Sa   Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. (7x)

Dear all friends. Every Saturday we practice meditation together within 30 minutes. A short time, but good enough for us. In the beginning of the weekend, we receive a good positive energy from all Buddhas from ten directions directly to our bodies and mind to recharge to refresh and to renew our energy for us to be ready to serve ourselves and all the people who we love. Unlimited with no attachment that we are able to reach out to all people. We don’t break people down and transform them. But we break ourself down from all attachment and negative energy to serve all people in a good way. That means compassion. We are leading ourselves with the head with the wisdom for us to be with all. I believe that every Saturday if you spend thirty minutes with me to practice, throughout the entire week we will all still be able to receive and maintain the good energy. Life is very busy. Thirty minutes is good enough for all. That is all we need. If there is the right time for you to be with me in practice. I invite you to join with me every Saturday. You can call me at 301-792-1095 or text me through from YouTube or Facebook. Be friendly, be gentle. We all learn together. No arguments. No high or low. No best or bad. No evil or good. But only the way seeking the truth and practice. Hope that every Saturday the gate of the spiritual of the truth of who we are will be open for all to step in to know the truth. Let’s go beyond. Don’t stay there and hang around with the negative energy. Thank you so much for practicing with me and have a great weekend with our loved ones.

Nam Mo Shakyamuni. May all sentient beings become Buddha and no longer suffer.

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