Good morning all my friends that have been practicing meditation with me every Saturday. I think Saturday is wonderful for us to get together and practice. No matter who, where or how, as long as we put aside our differences and sit down in the position that we feel comfortable. Just relax. To touch base with the nature within us. To purify our energy after the whole week.

 You know, as long as we move in this earth to live, we perform all kinds of actions every day. It creates energy. But it does not mean that it is always pure, good, positive energy. It is always somehow good and bad. Saturday is the weekend a weekend that we purify our energy to remove all negative energy to engage, to motivate, to awaken, our positive energy and make us move forward with the good and also make our mood nicer to be with all our loved ones.

Welcome to this meditation class. This is 30 minutes to practice together for all. Even though you have been practicing or if you are just a beginner there is no difference. As long as you give yourself a chance to be with the energy. Then everything will start at the right moment. We are not focused or concentrate on something, but we all work with the energy that we all have. We have every one of us to awaken our energy just like buddha. What we are talking about today is, “Buddha is the Awakened one” We will be awakened as long as we practice together, we humble ourselves and just receive the energy. Yes, we will be awakened. Our practice focuses on two mantras with the mindfulness breathing technique. The first one Mu A Mu Sa means cultivation of our compassion energy. Compassion energy cultivation is really important. The source of the compassion energy that we are cultivating is from all Buddhas in the ten directions. The second mantra, Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng is a very special mantra. This mantra is the wisdom mantra cultivating all of our wisdom. Just think we have a thought receiving the fire, the light from the buddha. Buddha touching us with his wisdom, we receive it. From that our candle of wisdom will be lighting up. That is just all, nothing else. The light passed down from one to the other. Starting from the awakened one, the Buddha. We humble ourselves and receive it. The candle will light up. The room inside our mind will be bright, will be light. So we can see through nothing else. When the room of your mind is lighting up we have a better chance to see clearer what we think. What thought is good to be, and what thoughts need to be removed. That is our job. But at least these two mantras with mindfulness meditation are very helpful. I have been practicing for more than 45 years. The experience is wonderful for me. Many students practice and benefit physically, mentally and spiritually.

How about we start. When you breathe in, you breathe in by your nose. You take it down to the lower part of your body. Then you hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point. That gate is located in front of your tail bone, your ending bone. Just right there. Just focus for a second to guide the energy to flow through that gate up your backbone to the top of your head. You breathe out slowly chanting the mantra. Then you chant the second mantra. By doing so all you have to do is be one with your awareness with your consciousness. To be with your subconsciousness to allow the energy from the Buddha that is connected with you physically and mentally. You will feel your body awaken right away. You will fill with your mind. Activate your happiness. It does not matter who you are, you will feel peace. That is most important for us.

Let’s begin.

May all the Buddhas from ten directions bless all of us and may all sentient beings be free of all kinds of suffering. May all the covid be able to transform in a peaceful way that for all of us to live in peacefulness.

Breathe in, down to your belly, expanding, hold it there, concentrate by the heaven gate point. Breathe out, sunken your belly. Chanting the mantra. 

Mu A Mu Sa   Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (7x)

We all be silent. Keep doing the breathing and be mindful of the breathing and keep chanting the two mantras. These two mantras are very powerful it is just like the past to exist into the source of the Buddha. It opens the gate for us to go through. Buddha was a teacher and still is a teacher. His mind is fully awake. Just like every one of us. He had experienced all kinds of suffering.  But he didn’t surrender. He practiced and he kept looking for the source of what created that kind of suffering. He found out All suffering and happiness is just there for all. He practiced and he kept looking for the source of what created that kind of suffering.  He found out all suffering and happiness is just there for all. But one who is not awake they don’t know how to make good choices. Therefore always touching the darkness side because their mind is blind therefore the suffering is just there for them to suffer themselves. But if we are awake, our eyes see things clearly. We know exactly what we are doing and make a good choice for life to be better. That is a very simple understanding. No need to make Buddha into a god to provide, to give, but rather he is a teacher to teach. As a student like us we have to practice just like we all go to school. The teacher tells us what is good, we practice and we are there to receive a good knowledge through practice. That is the reality. But not to receive by someone giving what the Buddha teaches. We all have a very good source of energy already. Buddha calls it the Buddha nature energy. Those energies are good. If we know how to maintain and tap into that energy we are always happy no matter what happens.  We always know what we are doing even though we give up what we want to do. Because we are always happy because we know. Don’t misunderstand that Buddhism is a religion, but it is a way. Now it looks different depending on how they talk or what country it is influenced by. But the original tradition Buddhism is the way to awaken yourself. Buddha is the Awakended one, and all of us will be awakened.

We all know energy is in the form of emptiness. How ever we feel. Somedays we feel low energy. Some days we feel too much energy, but not pure energy. In order to be with the good energy we be alright. Our meditation sections every Saturday all about awakening our energy for our life to be better. For us to take control and take charge of our life. When we stand up high and tall and strong to take charge of our life we will be an awakened Buddha. It is that simple. Buddha is happiness. Evil is suffering. It is up to you to choose to be a Buddha or to be evil. Buddha is happiness, Evil is suffering. Buddha is the awakened one. Evil is the one who falls asleep forever, forever.

Let’s see in the way very simple. Try not to put any doctrine of any religion. We just peal off all kinds of whatever we have been told, but truly to be honest with ourself. Stay still with your breathing technique in and out. Be conscious with the connection with the Buddha through the compassion and wisdom mantra. Mu A Mu Sa and Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. We will connect with a very good source of energy that we feel. The energy will vibrate a special vibration within us to make ourself be happier, healthier and also refresh our life. A couple days ago from the storm all the electricity shut down and you experience the darkness. In life so many evil negative energy storms shut off the connection between you and the Buddha nature. Yes, at that moment we all experience the darkness within. We don’t even know or see the way we go or to perform whatever we love. Therefore we always make something wrong that creates the suffering. But after the thunder storm, you know the electricity connects back and we are so happy. There is the light for us to see through. A little home that we live in could be warmer through the winter and cooler through the summer. Spiritual life is very much the same. After many thunderstoms of the evil and negative thoughts created by our own actions. But now reconnected with the compassion and wisdom energy of the Buddha our little spiritual home will be lighting up. We can see through and it is very warm. There is no more experience of the coldest energy through because there is the energy within our spirit. Just that very simple to understand that Buddha is the awakened one and we will be connecting with the good source of energy. It guarantees for us to be warmer through the winter and cooler through the summer. Even for seasons the light is still on and bright because the energy will always be with us. Mu A Mu Sa Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng if you keep practicing, means we are staying connected with the Buddha. We are sharing this special energy from the Buddha, the awakened one. All of us will feel this special liberation to set us to be free of suffering ever moment of our life. Our meditation is focused on transforming negative energy for us to enjoy more happiness every day through out every week of our life with our loved ones, family, friends and community.  We all have the same energy that if we connect with the Buddha and as long as you practice with me we will create a very good network of energy that flows around the community around the world. For all to benefit because our energy does not come from our ego, but is connected with the Buddha. We are one part of the great compassion and wisdom river that flows from the Buddha that delivers the energy to all. Let’s reach out for yourself and for other. Practice to be happy.  I remind you again when you breathe in from your nose. You expand your belly and hold it there for three seconds. Then you concentrate on the heaven gate point in front of your tail bone. Then you breathe out, chanting the mantra. You breathe out by your mouth. As long as you do the whole circle like that you will experience the energy vibration. The vibration will be very strong, moving your body around. It is ok to experience that energy. While the energy vibrates and liberates you make sure you are always thinking about your loved ones to share that good energy with all. We need it now a days. Lets go back with the breathing techniques

May all the Buddhas bless us and may all sentient beings be free of suffering and may all our loved ones receive a good compassion and wisdom energy. May all of us be a good network practicing every Saturday to offer the energy from the Buddha to all. May all of our loved ones always be happy. Always be happy, no matter what happens.

Let’s breathe in, expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breathe out, sunken your belly chanting the mantra. Before we do this seven times remember that meditation does not mean you always have to keep your eyes closed. Like me, open your eyes but use your mind watching your entire body. Be aware with your body. Be awake to know what is going on. Be alert to notice the energy flowing. This is wonderful and fun. Let’s do it.

Breathe in, expanding, focus heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken the belly, chanting the mantra: Mu A Mu Sa. Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. (7x)

Dear all my friends. That is all we do every Saturday. Sometimes you ask. Do we have to keep doing it and doing it? You don’t have to turn the light on and of all the time. You turn on the light one time and the light will be on forever. Just one Saturday for everyone who is busy in our life is good enough. If you want to benefit more for others, you turn on a second day and you keep moving forward. But right now every Saturday is good and perfect for everyone. Remember the way I teach meditation is not the way I teach Buddhism. I know there are people out there with different beliefs. We are all equally receiving good energy to awaken our life through the Buddha who is the awakened one. He is awakened already follow him to practice meditation every Saturday with me and we will all receive a very good energy to awaken us more. It is good for our health, and to be happy. We all practice together and remember I send out a clear invitation for all to practice with me every Saturday. Eastern time from 8:00 AM. Just 30 minutes. Sometimes just a little bit longer, but that ‘s ok. I believe all of you experienced a good energy today and it will be running throughout the week. You will always benefit keeping the energy in mind. Once again, thank you very much for you to practice with me in case you just found this video on YouTube or facebook. If you want to get in touch with me our with our group you see there is on the video the website You just go there and we have all the information. Phone number, address of our centers in three different states. You can call, you can get in touch. We are very happy to be with you. Have a good weekend and enjoy with all your family no matter what happens. Be happy, be healthy. Buddha Bless all. Thank you.

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