Good morning all my friends on YouTube and Facebook. Today is Saturday. Here at the meditation Temple in Frederick, Maryland. Just like every Saturday. Beginning of the weekend we practice meditation to cultivate our compassion and wisdom to generate the energy to all our loved ones. Now is the time I ask all of you to just sit down comfortably in whatever position that you body feels ok. At home it could be on a cushion on the floor, or on a sofa or chair. We now begin.

Namo Shakyamuni

Mu A Mu Sa

Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng

May all of us be blessed by all Buddhas from the ten directions and my all sentient beings be free of all suffering and receive compassion and wisdom energy from all the Buddhas. Let’s begin. Put your right hand on top of the left hand. We name the right hand the wisdom hand, the left hand the compassion hand. With wisdom and compassion leading us into the peaceful stage of mindfulness breathing technique to receive the energy lighting up our wisdom

We are now visualizing our loved ones and connect with them. Together we let go of everything that makes us so busy with our lives. Just relax, just relax.  If you are a new beginner, you just follow. I just repeat like from the first lessons. Very easy and very clear. There are two mantras we practice. The first is Mu A Mu Sa, which means compassion. The second one Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng means wisdom. By breathing in and out slowly we know that we are here in a very awake moment and alert and aware of the energy flowing within. The two mantras are going to help us connect with all Buddhas and we are all going to receive a very good energy. You will feel it vibrating, flowing within your body. All you have to do is keep doing the breathing technique and chanting and be aware of the energy flow naturally. Let’s do it.

Breathe in expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate by the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra. These breathing techniques we always repeat every time we chant the mantra.

In, Out, chanting:  Mu A Mu Sa    Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (7x)

Just remain in a silent way and keep doing your breathing technique. Be aware of your entire body, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Just watch your entire body. Discover the energy in a very mindful way without expectations. Just relax. Observing the energy, just like the earth. Receiving the water from the rain. We will see the earth will support all living things growing up. With that mental visualization it is helpful. We talk about planting the spirit seed today. We invest a lot of time into taking care of the body, mind but forget about the spirit. We don’t invest much. With the physical body we spend a lot of our life taking care: feeding the body, exercising to please all sensations and feelings in the body. But however, the body still, time after time, walks away, escaping, you know goes back to the Mother Earth. The mind, we invest a lot of time into the mind activity too. Reading, Studying, watching movies, etc. You can name a lot. It is good to take care of the body and the mind. It is not good at all when we call body, mind and spirit, and w leave the spirit very lonely in the back, and never allow our spirit to play a great role. How about we spend a little time taking care of our spirit. It does not mean you just plan and plan. You plan, you have to know what is a good decision. What is a good season to plant? Now fall is coming. Living in America we know that early in Fall is good for us to plant. It could be good now through November. The tree rests in the Fall because a lot of rain through out the winter that is helping the tree grow a lot more roots. Our Temple in front and around the Quan Yin Statue we dedicate the plants and flowers. Our member always plants all kinds of flower that I choose, or they offer. However, if we plant in the wrong season, we have to take care a lot. We have to water and maintain well. If we plant the flower in the right season there is less care, and more successful.  The spirit that if we are taking care of well and good in the right season, all the roots of the spirit will grow quick and fast to be strong and support our life. Don’t forget the spirit.

 Mu A Mu Sa is the very good water we call the compassion water. When you plant the spirit seed through the mindfulness meditation that you water by Mu A Mu Sa the compassion energy from all buddhas in ten directions will help your spirit your mental stage much better every day and clearer by seeing through what you have done wrong to correct for the spirit plant to grow up much better. We need a good sun that is Mantra #2 Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. We call the wisdom sun that provides a good energy for our spirit to grow.  Our Meditation is really focused on the compassion and wisdom energy. Just like you plant the spirit seed in a good season every time you sit down you practice with me with our members with our students her just on YouTube on Facebook live or view later. It still works because the compassion and the wisdom energy is unlimited. There is no time and space. Connecting together with this kind of practice all of us will receive a special energy which liberates ourself physically mentally and spiritually gradually for us to be stable. So right now you just concentrate on your body mind and spirit. You just breathe in and out slowly. You will fill with the energy that you know there is no need to visualize about anything, but just be filled with the energy. Very pure energy from the Buddha. Allow the energy to flow within. Just like the water keeps flowing from the river. You feel you body flowing and moving, just let it move, no matter what. The nature of the energy flow will be shaking all of you body which will benefit your health, your mental state, and your spirit. There is no judgement needed, it is just natural as it is.

If you are thinking about your loved ones, parents, spouse, children, friends and community. By thinking about them the compassion and wisdom will deliver to all at the moment you are thinking about them. We are in touch with all our loved ones around the world. We stay still with the moment to be aware with how we are in the moment now. Let the plant. The action of the plant. Which just means, our spirit has the right time to grow. The right position, with the right season. Our meditation is the great season for us to plant our spirit. The spirit will grow very quick and transform to become good energy for us to enjoy our life in a very healthy and peaceful way.  Now a days the whole world needs a good energy to transform. We don’t have to reject or remove or destroy. We just need to transform by receiving a good compassion and wisdom energy from the Buddha. Our spirit seed will grow in a good way. Plant the spirit seed it is very easy. Just be with the mindfulness breathing technique and the Compassion and wisdom mantras. Just allow the energy to flow and connect with all your friends and loved one. May all be healed of all kinds of sickness and sadness. Transform our anger into a good energy. Transform our ignorance to let us be free. Let our spirits enjoy our mind and body to be complete with how our life is. Our wisdom and compassion are good nutrition for our plant spirit. When we plant our spirit seed we need it all. When you plant the spirit, our meditation is a good technique for taking care of all. Three within one. Body, mind, and spirit within one. Very easy. 

Now we do again seven times mindfulness breathing techniques with the mantra Mu A Mu Sa meaning compassion. Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng.  Use the wisdom to transform our life, and use the compassion to support your wisdom light. Let our spirit seed grow up. Yes, together we plant our spirit seed in a good hand, and good way. It will be grown up strong and powerful. Let the spirit root down in our live to be one with our body and mind to complete the process of the healing. Breathe in expanding our belly. Hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point breathe out sunken your belly chanting the mantra.: Mu A Mu Sa     Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (7x)

As you know, Buddhist is practice, meditation is exercise, not just talk. Every Saturday we concentrate on Practice. Even thought it is just 30 minutes. WE all receive a good energy to offer to all. Once a week is good enough. It is good quality, to benefit all. If you care about your spirit, you plant your spirit seed in a good season. Our meditation is a good season for all to plant the spirit seed. As long as you are sitting down for a few minutes to practice with me in a mindful breathing technique we do together. All of us will receive a great energy which will transform our life. It will transform your physically body to be healthy, mentally to be happier, spiritually to be purer. To love someone to care someone means loving yourself and caring for yourself. We can offer that to others by practicing. I send out a very clear invitation to all of you if you just started watching the video. Please join with me every Saturday at 8:00 AM. You can look into our YouTube channel or Facebook; you will see we have been practicing for almost two years. I you need more information please call or text me or stop by to our meditation hall. We have Su Co Bao Co, me and you also have Eileen. A lot of good friends here welcome you. Once again thank you so much for practicing with me every Saturday and have a wonderful weekend with all or you loved ones. May all be blessed with the Wisdom and Compassion from all the Buddhas in the ten directions. Thank You. Bless to all.

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