2022. Healing Itself | Mantra#2 – NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoang

Nam Mo Shakyamuni

Good morning friends. Today is Saturday again, the time we get together to practice meditation. So just sit down, relax and we are going to start now.

May all be blessed, and no longer suffer, receive compassion, wisdom energy from all Buddhas from ten directions. Let us put the right hand on top of the left hand. Right hand we name wisdom. The left hand we name compassion hand. With wisdom and compassion we return back to the Buddha nature within to heal ourself. I just remind when we do the breathing technique, make sure you breathe in through your nose and carry down lower to you body. Expand your belly and hold it there for just three seconds, holding your breath just for three seconds and you concentrate on the heaven gate point. The heaven gate point is located in front of your tail bone. Just watch, just concentrate, just look. Just be aware there. Then you breathe out, sunken your belly. Allow the energy flow from the lower body to the top of your head, chanting the two mantras with us. The first is the compassion mantra, Mu A Mu Sa, the second one is the wisdom mantra, Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. When we are chanting the energy from the lower body is slowly coming up. It creates special vibrations from the sound. You receive the energy through your body. All you do is keep you body relaxed, your mind awake, and then your thought to be alert to what ever is happening. Discover the energy from any part of your body, and just allow it to transform and move. Relax to observe. What we are talking about today is according to Buddhas teaching, healing itself, our body, our mind, our spirit, is the stage of relaxation. It will heal itself. So we are just breathing. Just do the breathing technique slowly. The breathing technique is naturally healing itself. Mentally relaxed and empty. So now let’s do it.

With all things going on around the world now, we pray for all. No longer suffer, healing ourself, by receiving compassion and wisdom from all Buddhas. Let’s breathe in expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breathe out. Sunken our belly, chanting the mantra:  Mu A Mu Sa      Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (5x)

We just be silent, and relax. Just be breathing in and out slowly in silently, chanting inside your mind.

Thousands of years ago, buddha discovered our breath really healing itself physically, spiritually and mentally.  For those who suffer by the cause of bad Karma, meditation is the are of healing. Fill with good energy to transform our negative energy. Meditation is also the art of lighting up our wisdom and connecting with the compassion energy source from all buddhas, the enlightened ones.

Nowadays around the world we really need healing. Everyone of us is able to sit down at home or where ever is convenient for you to be. Unwrap the technique that Buddha taught, return back to the nature and just be with the breathing, and let the healing slowly process. With this technique you do not need to be going to the gym, or any other place needing someone to motivate you to be, but you yourself have to take a real action to motivate your own self to return back to the nature within, but not seek anything outside. Inside there is already the healer by the breath. Breathing techniques is just a term. We all no how to breathe naturally. We just need to relax and allow it to be. So right now we look deep into ourself and see any kind of suffering you are conscious of or you feel. Don’t run away, don’t push those kinds of suffering away. Just face directly. Welcome with peace, with calm, with kindness. Then we water it with compassion, we nurse it with wisdom. We take care of it. The true love of knowing exactly what the cause is.  Knowing the cause of the suffering allows the healing to be. So with us there is no fear for us to escape or to run away, but yes just to be there to handle in a peaceful way. Individually yes, we all have suffering caused by many different things. We are so busy moaning because of the cause of that. Because of suffering we just moan. We just talk, but now we learn to be silent when the suffering comes, and we face it directly. We shake hands with that, with love. We all know that we are able to heal ourselves by just returning back to the nature of how we are, and connect with the Buddha, the awakened one. Look around. Who you love, like your parents, wife, husband, children, friends.  If they suffer, just manifest yourself to become the ocean of love by staying connected deep with the compassion and wisdom of the Buddh through Mu A Mu Sa and Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng, and breathe in and out. Yes those persons who suffer through you they will be healed. It is very natural.

Now we connect with all our loved ones deep inside our spirit, our soul, our energy. Make a good network with all. We offer our best energy to all, and discover what part of your body there is the energy now. Just feel the energy there. Just allow the energy to flow. You guide the energy slowly following your backbone, going to the top of your head. From the top of your head you generate more energy by keeping yourself relaxed. With the mantra you connect with the Buddha and offer it all from the top of your head. Chanting the mantra within, the energy will get stronger and stronger good to offer to all, especially on the weekend so all our loved ones enjoy their life.

May all of our loved ones. Friends, family, be healed, naturally, no longer suffer any. Physical, mental or spiritual. Let the mind, body and spirit, be one. Let the breath to be just as it is. Let’s watch and be aware of how we are. Let’s awaken ourselves with the wisdom of the Buddha and heal ourselves with compassion energy.

Let’s breathe in expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breathe out. Sunken our belly, chanting the mantra:  Mu A Mu Sa      Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (5x)

We just be silent, observing the energy. We practice for the special healing for all who suffer. Great suffering is now happening around the world. Very simple we just sit down connect with our own breath and return back to the Buddha nature and be one with all Buddhas, the awakened one from the ten directions and allow the compassion energy to flow and lighten up all our wisdom, and think of all the people we care about and love, and offer ourselves to the sentient being. Offering is the great awakening for our own self. Offering merit, compassion and wisdom is the great art of healing. Offer the healing to give what is best is to heal ourselves. The process of healing itself starts at the moment you offer your best to all of your loved ones. Anyone around you that you think they are still suffering we thinking of them. We offer our energy to them now. May all of them be healed, be strong, peaceful and happy. Fill with your own energy right now in this moment. Just connect with the Buddha and us together. We offer to all our loved ones. We are here practicing meditation to reach out to all of you to connect together to increase the good energy. Mu  A Mu Sa and Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng generates a great energy that motivates yourself to know yourself much better every day. Motivation is needed for us now to be. Self motivation is great. Every one of us stands strong like the tree in the forest. That is how we are. Just listen to your body now. Listen to the energy flowing. Just watch what is going on. The peaceful, kindness to yourself.  We are the healer and healing ourself naturally with the breath. Our breath is wonderful. It what Buddha teaches. The Breath itself knows how to heal. It returns back with no attachment. Mindfulness breathing technique is wonderful Plus the mantra Mu a Mu Sa and Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. It increases the energy for every moment you stay still. At this moment, we pray for all, and may all no longer suffer, and be grateful connecting with all Buddhas from the ten directions, the awakened ones. Peace, compassion energy to heal, wisdom light to see through all. That we can share together. May the whole world healing itself by every one every individual knows how to stay strong, grounded, unshakable with the truth that we know. Only love, compassion and wisdom will help all of us go through all kinds of suffering. Let’s breathe in. Expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate on the heaven gate point. Sunken the belly. Breathe out, let the energy vibrate, let the vibrations connect with all your friends and loved ones.

Mu A Mu Sa      Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (7x)

Dear all friends, most of meditation is very silent, and quiet inside the mind. Even though you hear the sound of the mantra. This is a special diamond meditation to purify yourself of all negative energy every day. The technique will help you purify slowly, slowly, all negative energy on our own. Mediation is taking care of our own self. By quieting our mind, and chanting the mantra with the breathing technique, knowing these three together helps us a lot. Every second we do it there is a special vibration physically mentally and spiritually. Then energy starts to flow, and the healing is slowly processing very naturally because ourself knows what to do. We just need to return back to the nature. Thank you very much for practicing. If you are new, and have questions just text us, and we will contact you. Have a good weekend, enjoy your family, have peace and by happy all the time.

Thank you.



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