2021. Just be with Your Breath | Mantra#2 – NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoang

Nam Mo Shakyamuni

Mu A Mu Sa  Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng

Good morning everybody. Good morning all my friends, today is Saturday again. We are going to do meditation together. Let’s begin. Put your hands together and sit down and relax in the position your body feels comfortable. Let’s start.

May all sentient beings be free of suffering and receive compassion energy from all Buddhas from ten directions. May all receive a very peaceful, peaceful life with no fear, and remove all negative energy to be happy.

Put the right hand we call the wisdom hand on the left we call compassion.  If you have been practicing meditation no matter which style or method, if you happen to be here with us, just give yourself a chance to join with, to experience the energy flow, and to humble ourselves to be with the Buddha nature within.  There is nothing for us to force to become. Just relax to return to the Buddha nature within us. The breathing technique we do is very natural. That is the nature of how our body is. Breathe in and breathe out naturally. When you breathe in you are expanding your belly to help your body observing the energy. There is a gate we ask you to keep your mind there for a second before you breathe out. It is called the heaven gate in front of your tail bone. Just pay attention right there for a second. Then you breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting two mantras with us. The first mantra is compassion. Meditate on compassion energy, really helps us maintain our peacefulness. The second mantra, the wisdom mantra, Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng, helps us to maintain our awakened and our awareness to know about ourselves much better every second of life. Good for our health. It will help us and support us to regain the confidence to be stronger facing whatever happens. For us to be just peaceful in life.  Our meditation is focused on the energy that we are integrating with all the Buddhas in the ten directions. If you just follow and practice physically, spiritually and mentally, you will fill with the energy. All you have to do is just allow it to be, and humble yourself to observe it. The energy will lead you to know yourself much better every day slowly.

Let’s together we meditate now.  Breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantras. We will repeat this circle for four times with the chanting.

Mu A Mu Sa     Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (4x)

Just relax and keep doing the meditation in the silent way. You breathe in and out slowly, conscious with your breathing techniques. Be there with them.

Quiet your mind and recognize the energy flow from what part of your body you know there is the energy moving. No matter where, just note the energy there first. Watching your entire body, from the top of your head down to the tip of your toes. Be aware with the entire body that now is sitting We all are sitting down where we are. Keep our mind to be one with the breath. Breathe in and out slowly. Yes, we all rejoin with the universe being one with. This body physically, not limited to be just in the form of what is sitting now. But will be one with the universe. Empty your thoughts, not by removing or rejecting, but by knowing that there is a thought arising. Bless it with your compassion and wisdom. No judgement with any thought, negative or positive, evil or good. Just recognize it first and just continuing to breathe in and out. Just relax and watch. Fill with the energy surrounding the environment that you are sitting. Fill with the energy from your body. Recognize your thought aris, allow all to be free to raise up with the very fully awake of our own awareness. Just be with your breath. You breathe in short or long, its no matter. Let the body do the job breathing in and out. Let the mind to be fully watching the body. Let the energy flow. Let connecting with all the Buddhas in ten directions Lets humble ourself and receive the compassion and wisdom energy from the Buddha. Let’s connect with all of our loved ones. Families and friends, environment, universe. Be one with all. No separation. No judgement. No attachment.

Mindful with all activity now. Let the peaceful energy in the moment of quiet and silence. Maintain it there with no attachment. Offer and connect to all who you love. The body moving your body. That is a good sign that the energy is flowing. Just be there and enjoy. The vibrations from the energy that is intouch with your body. The vibrations from the compassion and wisdom now flows within your body, mind and spirit. Let’s realize the energy is the living energy. It is moving, it is helping us to activate. The energy from every single cell in our body to free all whatever is stuck there to be healthier. Just be with your breath. Your breath is really important. Just be with your breath. Breathe in and Breathe out. Just be with your breath. Fill with your body. If you know there is some part of your body that is uncomfortable, just be with your breath. Allow the energy to flow. Your breathing technique will help. The energy from Mu A Mu Sa and Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng will generate, activate and move. Just relax. There is nothing more or less. There is just mindful here now and being one with here and now. Just be with your breath. Breathe in and out slowly. Conscious with and relaxed.

Just ease your thought by keep doing the breathing technique in and out, and reciting silently the two mantras Mu A Mu Sa and Nam Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. 

Mu A Mu Sa means compassion. We also meditate on the wisdom Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. The wisdom of all Buddhas within us.

Let the wisdom and compassion from the enlightened one that has been with us from the moment we have been here on earth. Just be with your breath. Don’t have to do anything but just relax. Together we do the breathing technique again. Make sure when you breathe in and out your are expanding your belly and sunken your belly. Concentrate right there at the heaven gate point in front of your tailbone. Chant the mantra slowly and allow the vibration there.

Breathe in, expanding the belly and hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point breathe out. Sunken the belly, chanting the mantra. Mu A Mu Sa   Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. (4x)

Just be silent and observe the energy. Just be with your breath. Buddha using the breath to practice meditation. Breathing is really important for all. It is so simple and easy. Every where at any time we all have it. Our breath is helping us to maintain our life. Using mindfulness breathing techniques is very helpful. It is a way to return back to the Buddha nature. Don’t need to seek anything more special. All the mantras are a special technique incorporated with our breathing technique to help us connect with all the Buddhas. We are with the Buddha, not separate, but all together within. It is not very hard. It is very easy. The technique has been taught for many years. Many bodhisattvas have been practicing and benefiting a lot. We practice this to transform our suffering. Yes. We all suffer by something that happens in life every day. As a human we experience suffering throughout the day for what we dislike, what is not meeting up with our expectations, our desire. But if we maintain our breathing techniques with very simple breaths moving in and out throughout the day chanting in silence our sounding it out is very helpful. Not just about talking, but about practicing. If you take a moment and practice you will experience the benefit right away. We do this every Saturday to benefit for our weekend and carry thought the week days. Helping us. Especially now a days we need to care about ourselves by practicing. Invest more time into our real life. Allow the spirit and body and mind to be together. Bless our thoughts by the practice of meditation, and connect with our true love, family parents, husband, wife, children, community, even our own body. We offer to all our merit, may all be no longer suffer by anything. All peaceful and happy. The whole world now experiences a lot of suffering by the pandemic, the virus, Covid. Delta virus, whatsoever you name it. Don’t let the fear take you down. Just be with your breath to be strong, to be tough. Maintain your peacefulness energy to live.

Let’s breathe in, expanding the belly. Hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breathe out, sunken the belly. Chanting the mantra:  Mu A Mu Sa  Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. (4x)

Yes, every Saturday that is all we do. We practice meditation to cultivate our energy, compassion and wisdom energy. To connect with all Buddhas, the enlightened ones. To offer our energy, our merit, our compassion our wisdom, to our friends, families, and especially our parents. That is all we do. Nothing else, if you think what I see is good for you to do I ask that you join with me every Saturday at 8:00 AM Eastern time. Or 30 minutes to practice together. We have good enough energy for the whole week, and help us enjoy the weekend with our families and friends. Thank you for practicing with us. You can contact me at 301-792-1095. Or just text me through YouTube, Facebook or messenger. Once again. Thank you.



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