Good morning everyone and friends, today is Saturday. Our meditation is beginning, sit down to be comfortable, on a sofa, floor, or even on your bed. If you happen to be driving or doing something just be mindful and listen to your energy. Let’s begin.

May Buddha bless us to be happy, healthy, peaceful and enjoy our lives. Let put the right hand we name the wisdom hand on top of the left hand we call the compassion hand. Buddha always reminds us use your wisdom leading you on the way to transform your suffering. Using your compassion as a support for your wisdom to be.

Mindfulness meditation practice with wisdom and compassion mantras help us to know ourselves much better and activate our energy physically, mentally, and spiritually. That is if we are relaxed and let it be to be with. We will fill with the energy. It is good for us to invest time to be with ourselves. Depart from all whatever keeps us busy working or maintaining.

Let’s start with the breathing and the mantra reciting that we do every Saturday. When you breath in through your nose bring it down expanding your belly, and you hold it there for three seconds, and you concentrate on the heaven gate point which is in the front of your tail bone, your ending bone. The heaven gate is right there transforming the energy. You concentrate on the heaven gate point which is in the front of your tail bone, the ending bone. We call it heaven gate because it is right there transforming the energy. It converts the energy following up your backbone up to the top of your head. Comes out when you breathe out reciting the mantra. The sound of the mantra should come up from the lower part of your body slowly. That sound vibrates and liberates the energy to flow up. While that time you just watch and fill with the energy and observe it. Let us all do it together. By doing this we also always thinking about our loved ones. Our parents, our husband or wife, family, children, friends, community, all. We connect with them by this special energy with merit and compassion and wisdom.

Let’s do it.

Breathe in expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate by the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra. We will repeat that 4x.

Mu A Mu Sa   Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng

We just keep silent, and listen to the energy, watching our bodies. Observe it and just make your mind willing to receive. Just do the breathing technique in and out slowly, chanting silently the mantra. Mu A Mu Sa means compassion. When we are reciting Mu A Mu Sa with the breathing techniques there is the vibration that will be there that you can fill with. This Mantra helps us to connect with all Buddha’s from the ten direction. What does Buddha mean? Buddha means awakened. It means that when we are chanting this mantra it is awakening our body, mind, and spirit for us to connect with the mother nature within. Help us to fill and cultivate our energy to flow around our bodies that have to purify our thoughts. It helps us to be remove the negative energy for us to enjoy our life in the most beautiful way. That is how we are. Learn to love ourselves and accept us for how we are. The mantra Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng means wisdom mantra. Turn on the wisdom, activate the wisdom, just like you turn on the light when you enter into your room or home, so you have enough light to see. The same mantra is lighting up your wisdom helping you to see things clearer. 

We are talking about “Don’t you see, All things as they are?”  Buddha says most of the suffering is just because we don’t see the thought from others. We don’t see the other in the correct way. That is how they are. Our desire and our expectations slowly form into something that we label the people how we think, how we expect, how we desire. Not meeting our expectation or desire, we suffer. Not just that we also cause the suffering for that person when they don’t meet our expectation. The tree you see you could cut down because you don’t like. Not just the tree, but everything surrounding the environment that we live. If we don’t see how it is. We always try to destroy and recreate it. It does not mean that we are not allowed to do anything, but we should investigate the purpose of whatever is there for us to see the truth before we touch. We call remove or take it down or try to incorporate it to make it nicer for all not just ourself. Suffering comes because of our expectation. The more expectation desired by our own creates more suffering for ourself and others. Buddha suggests and always reminds us to spend more time to investigate to know the truth of who people are to live with, but you cannot see who they are if we don’t know who we are. So we have to investigate to know more about ourselves. Then we will be able to see all things as they are in a very peaceful way. The best way to return to know who we are and how we are that we shouldn’t use any excuses to shake hands without expectations. Or be busy doing things that we don’t spend time for ourselves. Sometimes we just spend time just for living. But what about the spiritual living? If you ask, we just believe, but we never practice. We just give our life for someone else to take care of, but we never stand up for our spiritual life. Buddha says to take time to be with ourselves little by little. Then we can open the Buddha eyes. Buddha eyes mean awakened eyes so we can see through all without our own expectations. The best way and beautiful way is to always offer our compassion, wisdom, and merit to all, and maintain a very good connection with all our loved ones in a peaceful way. Look at them as how they are, without our own expectations. Without converting them to be with what we want, but learn about them to be with them as how they are.

Today we learn about ourselves, about the energy is how it is, with no intentions of to convert or to try to drive it or make it or recreate it. Just discover, receive it, accept it. So, when we are all breathing in and out chanting the mantra, we all listen to the energy. All those energies that we are now engages with comes from the Buddha, the enlightened one, the awakened one. Connected with our Buddha nature within. Just like we go for solar using the energy from the sun directly, but not from all the energy which creates the pollution that destroys the environment. Buddha nature is that we. Receive the energy from all the Buddhas transforms the negative and also making the environment living within and without in a better way to be healthier. Most of what I am doing and teaching and practicing is focused on these kinds of energies is for healing, for knowing ourselves.

So let’s go with the breathing technique again. This time we are all guiding our thoughts thinking about our loved ones always. Offer to our loved ones all our good energy now for this moment. Because of them, and because of how they are we always love them and offer to them our good merit, compassion and wisdom energy.

May all sentient being be free of suffering, and may all be receiving a good energy. Let’s breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken the belly, chanting the mantra slowly, and listen to the vibrations:

Mu A Mu Sa    Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (4x)

We just be silent and listen to the energy again. In the winter, the weather is sometimes very cold that makes our hands numb and makes our feelings seem to be run away. Sometimes we cannot feel our fingers or ears because it is too cold. But it does not mean that you don’t feel that there is no energy in your body. It is just too cold. Expectations and our desire will be always freezing our body our spiritual so therefore we never be able to feel the Buddha nature energy flowing within us. We need the heat to generate to turn on that makes it warmer so we can fill with the energy. The best heater is the mindfulness breathing techniques and the mantra is the friend of the heater. It moves the heat in a way that everyone in the room will be able to feel. The mantras Mu A Mu Sa and Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta M Da Ra Houng. It is the spiritual friend that helps every single part of our body to receive and fill with the energy. So when you breath in and carry it down to the lower part of the body, and expand your belly bigger. The sound should be coming from the lower body, along your backbone up to the top of your head. It helps all your pressure points to release the energy. You will feel the heat that warms your body, and you feel the energy to flow all around. Just allow the energy to flow naturally. If you do it every Saturday you get the good energy, you have it for the week. Of if you do it every day, 5 minutes is good, before you do anything you could take a few minutes before you drink your coffee to practice mindfulness meditation and chanting the mantra. It is good. Mornings are always good before you do all things for your life for that day.  That helps us to see everything as it is. Especially our loved ones. We live with our loved ones for many years, but never see them for how they are. We always see them how we want them to meet up with our expectations. So sometimes we suffer and for some always suffer. We all understand but if with our practice we cannot do it, practice helps us to do that kind of way easier. See our loved one, see our partner, our parents, our children, husband, wife friends. That is how they are. Accept them how they are and always love them, forever.

In this very difficult situation living nowadays, with covid every where. More than a year ago the USA seemed to be very healthy, thought that covid was already gone. But it is starting again. In the far east, in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, covid is very bad. It just moves around from one country to another. How long this will last and go back to normal we don’t know. Let’s be strong together. Pray for all. Keep our mind and thought straight up lighting up our wisdom and offer our energy to all, no matter what is going one. We always be happy. We always love each other and care for each other.

Let’s breathe in, expanding the belly, concentrate on the heaven gate, breathe out sunken the belly, chanting the mantra slowly.

Mu A Mu Sa   Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. (4x)

Mo Phat. We just finished. It is very simple and easy.  Just need to connect with each other and practice every Saturday. Thank you for all of you participating in this practice with me. Home or here. Have a good weekend. Enjoy your life. Peace to all.

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