Good morning. We are beginning our meditation on Saturday so if you are there with me just sit down comfortable with how you body feels alright. Loosen up your hip. Keep your backbone straight up. You could sit on a chair, sofa, cushion, or wherever. Give yourself a few minutes to relax. We will follow the mindful breathing method to connect ourselves with the nature within to receive the energy that has been forgotten, from the Buddha nature.

Peace within the Buddha name, Nam Mo Shakyamuni. May all of us be free of suffering and always be blessed to be happy, peaceful, and enjoy our life. Let’s put the right hand on top of the left hand.  Every Saturday we practice meditation here in Frederick, Buckeystown.  Our meditation is very simple, we follow our breathing technique in and out and maintain our consciousness just there and activate ourself with the compassion mantra Mu A Mu Sa and Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng meaning wisdom.  We know ourselves much better every day to remove all kinds of attachment to renew our energy. Compassion helps to bring us closer to all with peace.

If this is the first time you are attending this meditation, just remember, when you breathe in through your nose, carry it down to the lower body, and you expanding your belly. Just hold it there for three seconds. Then you concentrate on the heaven gate point. That is the point right in the front of your tail bone. Then you breathe out, you sunken the belly, allow the energy to follow your backbone to the top of your head, then you chant the two mantras. Just be aware of the energy flowing, and allow the energy to be with you. There is nothing you need to do to guide, or make it different. Just let it be.

Let us begin.

Just bless ourselves to be with the breathing techniques and visualize compassion and wisdom are always within us. Let us connect with all. There is nothing that separates us away from the truth. Breathe in, expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra:  Mu A Mu Sa     Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (4x)

We all just maintain and meditate by ourselves silently. Be aware of the energy flowing within. In Buddhism the term we call Buddha means awakened, not meaning God, not meaning someone having a supernatural inside providing you with a good energy. Buddha means awakened. So therefore it is not only Buddha himself he awakened, but all of us have the special opportunity to awaken ourself meditate to awaken ourselves to live peacefully. When you breathe in you bring yourself return back to the connection with heaven and earth, with the nature within us. So  when you start to breathe in you have to know and have to be and aware with when you start from your nose. You breathe in and you carry it down to the lower body very slowly and you still follow up and conscious of the feeling and breathing techniques that keep moving down. You carry deep down and allow the body to observe the oxygen by expanding your belly and holding it there for three seconds. By the time you hold it there you will feel the heat come up from the lower body. You use your mind to concentrate right at the point we name heaven gate which means the gate converts to the energy and follows the back bone up to the top of your head. Keep your mind there to guide the energy to follow. You will feel your back bone, the heat generated follows up to the top of your head. Just by circulating the breathing technique and chanting the mantra is really bring the energy to connect you with heaven and earth.

For many people we are scared to be in touch with the unknown, which we don’t know for sure, what is this going on, so we are scared. The Buddha says, our body is a wonderful and the best condition for us to know more about what we don’t know. In human life who is scared to know what they don’t know. Never let’s them discover more wonderful things around. What is out there is always there, but what we know is helping us to know the nature around. The environment we live in especially within our physical body, mind, and spirit. There is so much we don’t know, but it is there for us to be as a human. So there is no reason for us to fear or be scared. But  yes, we have to be just like the scientist to discover beyond what we know with a very friendly approach so we can discover more about ourselves. We talk about the unknown of our own self which is always there. Sometimes it is connected with us, sometimes it is not. The meditation technique we practice opens up and wakes up for ourselves to see through the unknown within.  It is always there. If it is always there, why are we not friendly with what belongs to us?

We have been chasing for the outside and carry in, but never return back home to know what we have. Meditation is helping us to realize there is something very special which still remains unknown. Let’s return back to home and clean it up to uses it for the best to benefit our life.

The unknown the buddha called the Buddha nature. Everything within just needs to return back. So many of us are busy doing jobs to make a living and always promise ourselves, I’m going to wait until I am retired and then I start to do something I enjoy, that I love. It sounds familiar with most people. We all promise, we’ll do this or that, practice yoga, meditation, travel, or do yoga. Practice something I like when I retire. When you are not retired, you do what you don’t like, or  just because of living you do what you have to do. That question should have a good answer when we have time to be with ourselves only. How many years after you retire do you have to discover yourself more. Why not discover it now. It is best to bring it into whatever you do. But don’t do it just because you have to. Friendly with the unknow is not just about the spiritual. But it means to discover the whole thing about yourself. Not wait until you have to retire. Spend a little time with you every Saturday, Sunday or every day. You don’t have to practice every day if you are too busy. But at least once a week. I practice every day, not very long, it could be fifteen minutes every day, then I start to do everything I love to do like everybody. But fifteen minutes I meditate. It really helps me to be awake and ready like the scientist to discover about myself throughout the day with all activities. Like meeting people, or even just sitting and eating. Every second of life, I am always there to discover myself. So much that I know about myself every day. The more we are practice to know about ourself, the more we live peacefully. The unknown does not mean out there, up in the sky or down in hell. Wherever you could name, but the unknow is one who spends time to be with themselves, they have a greater life to discover about themselves. There is nothing to talk about that you feel comfortable or uncomfortable, but there is within to be friendly with the unknow. Friendly with who and how you are. It helps us improve our life to be peaceful to maintain the highest quality of life in happiness and joy.  There is not difference that makes us feel uncomfortable at all, because there is nothing different with all if you take a look stronger within yourself, your soul. The energy we practice with the compassion mantra vibrates, wakes up our body, to light up the wisdom for the second mantra that is helping us to see through the darkness. Just means to go beyond we we could see. So be friendly with the energy flowing around, just like the water when it rains. You will see the grass growing up taller. You could see something that you have never seen before because the rain offers life. The energy flows within us, guiding us, with the wisdom helping us to know ourselves better. Just be friendly, that is you, that is your consciousness right now. By concentrating on the feeling of consciousness it is helping you to be deeper within. Let’s do the breathing techniques again with the mantra. This time I ask you to just be friendly with the energy surrounding your body and allow yourself to connect with all the vibrations that liberate yourself from all of your attachments so you can be free to know yourself much better every second you breathe in and out.

Thinking about your loved one, husband, wife, children, friends, community. Let’s connect with them no matter what they are doing now within our conscience. Clear mind with the compassion. We offer our merit to all. We will be here right at this moment. Peaceful with the now. To be friendly with the unknow within.

Breathe in, carry down, expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate on the heave gate point. Breathe out, sunken your belly. Slowly chanting the first and second mantra one after the other. Mu A Mu Sa   Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (4x)

Keep maintaining silently meditating by yourself. Friendly with the unknown to improve our life. Our meditation does not mean push us away from our family, our life. Many people have the wrong through when practicing meditation that they have to escape, cut off, separate from the life they have. No Meditation is helping us to improve our life as usual. To have a higher quality of life with family with friends, with husband wife, children, community. It helps us to break through all kinds of things that stop us from knowing each other. So, we don’t run away. Practicing meditation brings everyone together. To understand about life much better, to share our life with all our loved ones. If you have parents, it helps you to understand and love them much better in life. If you have a family, meditation doesn’t stop you from loving each other, but transform your love every day with respect and offer our life for our loved ones in the very mindful and peaceful way. That is how we practice meditation. The unknown is not really unknow, be just don’t spend time and treat that with the friendly approach so therefore we don’t know. The unknown within, the greatest energy Buddha called, Buddha nature, the awakened to know. You are friendly with the unknow. The use of that is bringing everyone together to share to listen and to offer our lives in the best way for our loved ones and maintain the highest peacefulness energy for all we love. Specially to bring the family together in a good understanding and share every angle of our loved one viewing of our life. The two mantra we practice mean compassion and wisdom. That is the Bodhisattva practice. Bodhisattva means love and compassion. Practice compassion and wisdom helps us to live much better and transform our life. Friendly with the unknow will help us to activate our wisdom and compassion to share our life with all.

So when you are breathing in and out your breathing techniques are mindfulness breathing techniques,. Every one of us has a good chance to wake up our energy and be filled with the energy flow. It is just like the rain. When it rains the water naturally touches and kisses mother earth, and incorporates with mother earth for all living to be show. You will discover a lot more about yourself. Whatever we call the unknow will be known, and shown for you to discover. There is no fear for us to discover about ourselves. So it is good to be friendly. By doing so we listen to our breathing techniques. When chanting the mantra you will feel the vibrations liberating the energy from all of your pressure points releasing your energy. Don’t hold back so it can transform all the toxins inside your body and mind. At this time we offer our merit energy to all those countries or people who still live in fear of the covid 19 around the world. May the Buddha bless all. May our merit energy transform to all and connect with. At this special moment we stand together and are stronger every day. Transform ourselves to make the society much better every day, and then, yes, the covid will be gone. With every individual knows how to do things you care for the community and our loved ones. 

May all be blessed and practice together and thinking about our loved ones right at this moment and connect with them, our soul, our Buddha nature.

May all sentient beings be blessed and no longer suffer and receive the compassion and wisdom energy from the ten directions. May all our loved ones no longer fear anything that happens in life, and be themselves, always be happy. Always be happy, healthy. Breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken the belly. Chanting the mantra.

Mu A Mu Sa  Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (4x)

Mo Phat. We practice meditation every Saturday for 30 minutes. Once a week is good. Many people ask, why just once a week. I have a friend who has a new car that is hybrid car which just means you use a little gas it transforms the energy to the good batter, and that is saving gas and good for the environment. The same our meditation incorporates with every day that you do things for your life. It give you the hybrid energy. The energy starts. All you need to do is let the energy work itself our for you to be. Once a week allows ti to maintain for the week.  Be friendly to discover yourself to live much better. Meditation Is not escaping, running away or cutting. You use your meditation to improve your life. We face directly to who and how our family is, and we practice making our family a good unit of peace. So once again thank you so much for you to come to practice, especially for Jim, I haven’t seen you in a long time. Remember be friendly with the unknown within to discover to make your live much better every day. To share your merit with all your loved ones in your family and community. Have a great weekend, enjoy yourself with your family.

Thank you.

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