2018. Sensational Is Not You | Mantra#2 – NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoang

Nam Mo Shakyamuni.  May all of us receive the blessing from all the Buddhas in the ten directions.

Good morning. Good Saturday morning to all friends. We practice meditation again today. Our goal is not just about meditation itself so called belonging to a religion. But it is the way that Buddha is helping us to return to ourselves. We know ourselves so much better every day to live peacefully and happy and enjoy our life in a way that is very productive and to pursue our happiness everywhere every moment of our life.

That is why every Saturday I and our member at Xa Loi Temple in Frederick sit together and have a YouTube channel and Facebook. Hope someone out there could see it at the right time and have a moment to take on the practice to taste the peacefulness that is really within us.

For more than a year we have been practicing these methods of meditations. Every year we practice one mantra. We have only seven mantras. That is the root of how to transform our mind, body and spirit. For mind, body, and spirit to become one to benefit for our life that is what we do. Benefit for health. Benefit for physically, health to be healthier and for our minds to be more peaceful and also for our spiritual life to be deeper beyond what we could see about our life. 

The first mantra that we have been practicing for a year is Mu A Mu Sa, the compassion mantra. As long as everyone of us practices mindfulness meditation.  Yes, when we practice every one of us connects with all Buddhas and there is the real energy, the real compassion energy that activates, that helps us to cultivate with all Buddhas at the moment we practice. The second mantra is Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. It cultivates our wisdom so we can connect with the wisdom of all enlightened ones to see through our life much better, clearer, and also to see the truth of who we are.

What we are talking about today is “Sensational is not You.” As a human we have six senses. We all have a special sensation with everything we interact. So, it creates the emotions that sometimes we think those kinds of sensational emotions are us. That creates the suffering and misunderstanding the truth of who we are. So, by connecting with the compassion energy and the wisdom energy from Buddha and awakening ourselves to see through and transform our delusion to know the truth. All sensations are not us, but the truth is Wisdom and Compassion could bring us to know much better every second we practice. So today we are meditating on our body, our mind, and our spirit to know, to see, to recognize every moment there is some sensations that still exist within us through all the interactions which we interact with members of the family, with society. With all surrounding environment every day so we know that is just the interaction which creates the feelings. But all those kinds of feelings are through our senses.  That is what we call Sensations are not us, it is just the feeling when we interact. So we have to realize and welcome when it comes, but also say bye bye when it goes. There is no holding back or attaching to any kind of sensations that we like or dislike. Therefore, we can set ourself to be free to enjoy the real energy. The real compassion energy to light up our wisdom to see ourselves much better every second of our life. So we can be peaceful, healthy and more beneficial for ourselves, for families, for those we love. Let us begin.

When we do the mindfulness meditation techniques breathing. Through your nose, down to your lower body, expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds and the use your mind to concentrate on the heaven gate which is in front of your tailbone. Just concentrate there for three seconds, then you breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra Mu A Mu Sa. And do the same then chant the second mantra. 

The first mantra means Compassion, activate and cultivate our compassion energy with the Buddha. The second one is lighting up our wisdom with the Buddha. So, the first and the second we combine together to call wisdom and compassion cultivation within by all Buddhas from ten directions. So be humble. Just like the tree, stay still forever, but very humble to receive the rain, the energy from the mother earth, and transform into their physical body to just live peacefully. We are just peaceful and humble. Just receive the nature of the compassion and wisdom energy which is directed from the buddha connecting with the body through the mindfulness meditation breathing technique and through the compassion mantra Mu A Mu Sa and the wisdom mantra Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng.

Make sure we relax and observe the energy and allow it to incorporate and arise. We just watch, we just watch. We also offer that great energy to all our loved ones who we care for.

Put the right hand on top of the left hand. Sitting in the position you feel comfortable and relax. Loosen your hips, and relax from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Just sit in any position you feel comfortable. It could be on a cushion or on a chair, sofa, or on your bed. Wherever you are now. Just take a break. Follow me and Eileen to receive the energy. By doing so together, no matter how far you are, and where you are yes, we still connect together with the great wisdom and compassion energy. Let’s do it.

May all sentient beings be free of all kinds of suffering and receive the wisdom and compassion from all Buddhas in the ten directions. Recognize that all sensations is not the self, is not the I. But through the wisdom of the Buddha and compassion we see the truth, the truth of who we are with non-attachment and delusional. 

Breathe in, expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken your belly, and chanting the Mantra. We will keep repeating. Mu A Mu Sa   Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. (3x)

Just be silent. Keep doing meditation with mindfulness breathing technique in and out and chanting inside your mind the two mantras you just said with me. Open your mind. Open your entire body. Loosen up everything, just be aware of all the energy that flows. Recognize all kinds of sensations and emotions that are here now, that your mind can fill with. That still exist within this physical body. Just say hi to all kinds of sensations that are arising right now. Emotions could be between you and your family members, with friends, at the job, at the shopping. Wherever that you interact with people. We think whatsoever is happening that now you feel there is something so called happiness, suffering, comfortale, sadness, all those kinds of sensational and emotional is ok for us to recognize this and welcome with the wisdom and compassion mind. That we all know our wisdom and compassion energy is unlimited and those two energies came from the Buddha nature within us, be able to transform and purify all negative energy which impact our life, make us sick, make us tired, make us sad, make us worry, anxiety. All kinds of sensational and emotional that you can count on by yourself. Just be aware with the energy flowing withing you. The energy from the wisdom and compassion that comes from the Buddha in the ten directions is very pure. It will flow to purify your negative energy that still exists within. Just recognize all kinds of sensations that are here now with you. Don’t avoid it, don’t run away, just recognize it. Just meet it directly with your wisdom and your compassion.  It will be transformed and purified to be fine with you. So just be aware. Be alert to recognize all kinds of emotions and sensations that you are feeling now. It could be about your husband or wife, your children that you care so much for, or friends, community. Just welcome those kinds of emotional and sensations. It is alright for those feelings to be within because we center our life in our mind physically and spiritually within our wisdom and compassion that always connects us with all the Buddhas. So, we are strong enough to welcome them.  Allow the energy from the Buddha that flows within and observe it. Just like the tree receives the rain and the energy from mother earth to maintain the green.  Energy from the Buddha is really, healthy. What part of your body that you feel the compassion and wisdom energy flowing? Just let it be. Still aware of all kinds of sensations and emotions that are racing inside your body and mind. Be aware with that and allow the energy from the Buddha to flow within there, it will transform and help you to be happier.  Let’s loosen up all and let go of all. Always thinking about your loved ones. Our loved ones, and connect with them by love, wisdom, and compassion. What we practice by ourself now with mentally and spiritually connects us with our loved one. It will deliver a great energy to all. That is whaht we do every Saturday because we care about ourselves, and we care about all people who we love within the family and the community. May all those people no longer suffer in any way, and all be happy and receive a good energy to start our weekend, our moment in their life with peacefulness. Just receive and just fill with the body. Just be one with the energy of the Buddha that now provided to you to awaken your Buddha nature. Let the compassion and wisdom energy from the Buddha make a good jump start to turn on, to activate, to cultivate our Buddha nature within. Look deep into our mind. What is the sensational feeling or emotions that you see there now?  You need to know what it is. Where it is coming from and what it caused that kind of sensation and what is the relationship and connection with that emotion. Just recognize them. Allow the wisdom and compassion energy from the Buddha to bless us and transform, to clean it, to purify it.

Our meditation method is a special healing method. We are practicing to heal ourself, and to heal the entire society who we always care and thinking about. We offer that special healing to all sentient beings. Always keep your loved ones inside your mind all the time while you practice because it is beneficial for all of them. Any part of your body feels so heavy because any sensations which still create sadness worry, fear, keep your mind right there, and guide the wisdom and compassion energy from Buddha through the mantra Mu A Mu Sa and Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng to there, and feel and be aware of the energy. You will be healed.

Let’s breathe in, expanding our belly, hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken your belly, and chanting the mantra, make sure you are aware of the energy. Mu A Mu Sa  Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Just keep doing so by yourself, and quietly aware with your mindfulness breathing techniques and the energy. All the energy from sensational and emotional is burning up. Our happiness and peaceful and makes us worry and fear all the time. All those kinds of things will make us sick. Mu A Mu Sa and Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng, just like the very good purifier machine which when we are chanting and acknowledge with emotional and sensational from us  the purifier will work on and purify those negative energy, and convert them into healthy energy to maintain our living environment. More healthy, good for our life. Every sensation and emotional energy will stick inside every single cell of our physical body and take over our mental state and make us weak, unhappy, scared, and worried. Just like your room. To much water or mold you need the purifier machine when you turn it on it sucks all kinds of water and if purifies and cleans up your room and your house. Mu  A Mu Sa works just like that it cleans up our negative energy. It gives up back our peacefulness and set us to be free. It produces a good oxygen through the breathing techniques, and also raises up a good and high quality positive energy. At the same time we receive a greater energy from the Buddha from the ten directions. It is wonderful. It is wonderful that we should care about ourselves and practice. Even though it is just a short time everyday. As long as we are always loving ourselves by practicing. This weekend we are going to reach out to all our family members with love and care. We offer them the best merit energy from the buddhas in the ten directions. We also offer ourself the best to practice to transform ourselves to be much better, healthier, every day.  Thinking about our parents, our loved ones at home. May all of them receive a good blessing from all Buddhas. May the wisdom from the Buddha light up on the head to see through and may the compassion energy purify all negative energy. May all, always enjoy their life, every moment. Still here on earth. Let’s breathe in, expanding the belly. Hold it there for three seconds, and concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breathe out, Sunken the belly, chanting the mantra: Mu A Mu Sa   Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. (3x)

That’s it. Just 30 minutes every Saturday at Xa Loi Temple in Frederick Maryland. We practice meditation together here on YouTube and Facebook to offer our good energy to connect with all who have the right time to be. If you happen to see this on YouTube or Facebook take a moment to sit down and practice. You will see the benefit for your life. We are talking about refreshing our life by activating our Buddha energy to purify our sensations and emotions which create suffering for us. It is very healthy. Every Saturday 8:00 AM Eastern time we all practice. You could be sitting at your home, or wherever you are and join with us. You can practice with us, or watch it later. We all receive a very good energy. I am talking about the wisdom and compassion energy. The great frequency which is helping us to realize that there is much more beyond than we know about ourselves. I hope that all of you take a chance to practice. You will see the difference.

Thank you for all of you practicing, or just trying it out. If you need more information, meet in person, or talk on the phone. You could contact me 301-792-1095.  You just coming to the temple in Frederick. Meeting me, Su Co Bao Co, or even Eileen. We all welcome you. Once a day or once a week is beneficial. Give yourself a try to benefit. To have more interest. For you to discover about your life. It is always wonderful all that is our interest. There is nothing else. We don’t convert. We don’t make you to be different. We invite you and welcome you to go back to your Buddha nature home. Together we will break through and maintain the highest quality of living spiritually without any label of any religion. Even though I am a Buddhist monk. Have a good weekend and enjoy your family. I will see you next week at 8:00 AM eastern time.

Thank you.



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