2017. We Are Here | Mantra#2 – NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoang

Let’s put the Right Hand we call the Wisdom hand on top of the Left hand we call Compassion. I would like to say good morning to everyone that we now practice who is watching on YouTube & Facebook. Every Saturday we have a very good session together to have a special connection with all who we love, to offer our merit to all, our compassion energy. Also connect with all Buddhas from the ten directions helping us to concentrate in life to have a peaceful life and enjoy life.  

Our meditation technique is with what we have here on earth that we call Buddha nature, Awaking the Buddha nature really helps us to understand about ourselves more and fulfill our potential. The capacity of what we could do. With wisdom and compassion all together, we could turn around and make our life meaningful every day.

With mindfulness breathing techniques and chanting the mantra. We have two mantras chanting now in this session for a while. The compassion mantra, Mu A Mu Sa, and the wisdom mantra Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng, with the mindfulness breathing technique really helps up activate our compassion and wisdom. Not just talk. Every one of us will be filled with the energy. Energy is the source of living. The compassion and wisdom energy that comes from Buddha is the most important energy to help us to balance our life. So every time we are chanting these two mantras there is the vibrations that vibrate and flow in our body, mind and spirit.

With that we connect with all our loved ones. The energy will flow to them and help them to be just like what we wish for our life. The energy itself naturally knows how to purify ourselves without our own desire. Without any expectation, just like mother earth, knows how, lets all things grow as they naturally are.

We do the same thing, when you receive the energy, all you need to do is be mindful, be aware. Just allow the energy to flow. Just watch to be there for it.

For those today is your first time practicing with me you just follow.

Let’s sit down in the position that you feel comfortable. Let’s relax. Let’s breath in, down, and expand your lower body. You hold it there for three seconds and then you concentrate on the heaven gate point which is in the front of the tail bone. Then you just breathe out, you sunken the belly and you are chanting the mantra. Every mantra we do you use the same technique and listen to the energy flow. Now let’s chant the first mantra.

In… Out… chanting… Mu A Mu Sa      Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Now you just be silent. Keep meditating. Keep doing the breathing techniques with chanting quietly inside your mind. Fill with the energy flow. We really work with the energy. Spiritual energy, the wisdom and compassion energy from Buddha that connects with us to activate our own. Meditation on wisdom and compassion, Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. This technique is very special it comes from Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva. The technique has been practiced for so long successfully to transform all suffering and also healing for all sentient beings. That is what Buddha asks Bodhisattva Quan Yin to teach for one who is suffering by many different ways to guide them through out that suffering and help them to maintain the life of happiness and mindfulness. By practicing this method, it helps every one of us to be happier every day. Understand about the sources, the root of the causes which creates suffering with our life and with others. So, by chanting these two special mantras, the compassion and the wisdom mantra flow with the mindfulness techniques of the breathing that helps us to receive a very good energy from all Buddhas from the ten directions. This very compassion and wisdom energy will purify our body physically, our mind. Helps our body to be stronger, healthier. Helps the mind become cleaner, clearer. Have good thoughts, positive thoughts. No matter what is coming you always be there in a positive way.

What we are talking about today is, “We are here!” most of us that means mindfulness in the moment. But we are not really here for what we are doing because at the moment we are now awake. We run around for what we project into the future or look back into the past. Here we mean now, here sitting, breathing with the mantras with the meditation connecting with all the Buddhas. By practicing this method it helps us be here and concentrate in a very good matter. Nothing else could lead us too far from here. The mind does not need to control, but the mind needs to be here to be with.

Every one of us should keep practicing. This method helps us to improve to have the highest quality of living that we are always happy no matter what comes. We understand the nature of every individual, we respect and accept them as how they are because we have that bigger view, we know ourself better. We know that we have a special capacity to handle all different situations in life to offer and to reach out with happiness.  It is really important for us to stand on our feet strong. Grounded on mother earth, unshakable, and mindful with all. The mantra of Mu A Mu Sa really brings us deep into the mother earth nature which we call the Buddha nature which is helping us to no longer suffer by attaching to anything but being useful for whatever condition that we be able to receive. Especially with our body. As a human being it is a special gift that we are here on earth. We need to know ourselves much better every day so we can deliver a good thing to all our loved ones, to the community.

Let’s think about all of your loved ones at this point. Watching the energy flow within your body. Just be aware with the energy. Concentrate with that, here, not there. Now, not the past or future. We are all here now together in a very mindful way. We are aware of all kinds of energy surrounding us. We are fully awake because we know what is going on now as we practice this meditation connecting with all our loved ones. Especially our parents. We connect with all our loved ones. We offer to them the best energy from Buddha. This is the moment that we need, the world now needs more healing. Just relax. Just maintain the connection with all. Just be humble. Receive and just receive the energy from the Buddha. May the light of the wisdom from all the Buddhas light up our mind, our thoughts, our life. May all the compassion energy from all the Buddhas pass down to us. May all of us be really humble and receive the energy at this moment that we are here practicing meditation. May all the energy unify our body mind and spirit and heal our physical body to be in a good health. Our mind to have crystal clear thoughts, our spirit in a very compassionate way.

Let’s breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breath out, sunken the belly, chanting the mantra and also observing and receiving the energy:  Mu A Mu Sa… Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

We are all silent and observing the energy with the mind that always prepared to receive the energy. Let the energy flow with your body, no matter how your body flows. How is move does not matter. The matter is for you to receive and be in touch with the compassion and wisdom energy from all Buddhas.

We really work with the energy every Saturday. I am here with all of you on the YouTube and Facebook. With these special tools we connect together in a spiritual we. The Buddha is teaching to receive the energy. I myself also dedicate to reach out to offer all the good energy to all the beginners. To all of you. I love you all. I love that the Buddha activates my compassion and wisdom, making a special cultivation for me to be how I am today. The wisdom and compassion cultivation from the Buddha is really special. It helps us receive a lot of good energy supporting our life and transforms our suffering. Healing our body, cleaning up our mind, our thoughts, and also helping us to live happy, healthy, peaceful.

We are here to practice. To connect with each other and to be with all Buddhas to enlighten, to transform all suffering. So just fill with the energy. It flows through your body. Moving your body. The compassion and wisdom energy from Buddha is very special. For those who understand the energy is working, especially compassion and wisdom. You will evaluste it and every second of you life you will be aware every second. The energy always flows within you. When you are aware, the energy flows, that means you receive more every day. The energy flows, it flows. Just let it flow. The energy flows within to remove all negative energy. The compassion and wisdom energy from the Buddha flows within to take us back to the nature of the Buddha that exists within us. We are all becoming Buddha. We no longer separate from the Buddha, but connect very closely.

Thinking about all our friends, family, who ever we know facing very difficult situations now. WE offer our merit, our good energy, and connect with them through our minds, through our thoughts so they can deal with that in a good way and transform it all with the righteousness of that thought.

Our method is a healing method. It really works for everyone who practices. Short time or long time does not matter. At the moment you take on this practice, and of course take time to grow more and tall. So practice is really important. We practice and we practice. Practice is the answer to all of your questions because the answer through the practice is the true answer, the correct answer. Not just correct information, but practice to receive, to go beyond, to break through. They are always surrounding us.

Thinking about all the people we know who are sick, we sending a good energy for them all, and ask the Buddha to heal them. Thinking of all who are fearing. Fear of Covid, about whatsoever is happening in their life. We offer them our wisdom energy and connect them with the Buddha. May the Buddha send a light on them and help them through this most difficult time in life. Remember, we are here to practice, we are here for each other. We are here to connect and to be one with the Buddha as a very good network of humbly and willing and well prepared to receive the energy from the Buddha. That we will be strong. Practice for ever to benefit for all not just ourself.

Fear, hidden somewhere in our thoughts, our body. That is why it comes out and makes us sick or have a very negative thought in life. But compassion Mu A Mu Sa will transform those fears clean it up for the body to be healthier, for the thought to be clear. Lets receive the energy. Humble yourself, and let’s say, may all be blessed by the Buddha. Now we go back to the breathing technique again. Remember, just receive the energy and allow it to flow freely within. Let us connect together with the Buddha. Let our mind be crystal clear. Let’s be aware of all, with the wisdom mind, with no attachment, with no I, because we understand that all phenomena is impermanent. There is nothing for us to hold on to but there is more for us to offer to all.

May all sentient beings be blessed and receive the compassion and wisdom energy from all Buddhas in the ten directions. This weekend, a weekend we are all here for all. Fully awake, mindful, peaceful and enjoy our life. Loving kindness always present here in our life. We are here to offer. Let’s breathe in expanding your belly. Hold it there for three seconds concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breathe out, Sunken your belly, chanting the mantra: Mu A Mu Sa  Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Thank you. Every Saturday morning at 8 eastern time in America at Xa Loi Temple in Frederick, Buckeystown, Maryland. Me, Su Co Bao Co and Eileen are always here practicing together. Together we offer our merit, compassion and wisdom energy to all. We ask all the Buddhas to bless all of you for the best Saturday and a good weekend to come. May all of you be healthy and happy. Once again. Thank you for practicing with us. If you need to connect with us you can connect on YouTube or Facebook or call  301-792-1095. We, myself, Su Co Bao Co, and Eileen welcome you to the class and welcome you to visit the Frederick headquarter Xa Loi Temple. Once again thank you and happy weekend.



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