2016. Reunion with The Earth | Mantra#2 – NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoang

Good morning friends. Today is Saturday, we practice meditation together just like every Saturday. It is the right time for us to do it now, so just let go of everything and sit down and relax.

Namo Shakyamuni, may all of us be blessed by the Buddha. May all be healthy, be happy. Put the right hand on top of the left hand. We call the right hand the wisdom hand reminding us to concentrate to purify, to lighten up our wisdom. The Left hand is called the compassion hand. Let the wisdom and compassion be with the moment now as we do mindfulness meditation.

Just quiet our body, our mind, and just relax. Our meditation is the way for us to return back to who we are. With the very pure mind. To discuss, no, to discover. There is no discussion. Just to be one. To be one with ourself. Just let it be. Just let it be and receive yourself back. Let it be and receive. Every second of our life with mindfulness meditation and with the compassion mantra and the wisdom mantra it is helping us to receive so much energy from the Buddha. It helps us to balance our energy for us to be more peaceful with a very open mind. It benefits our health.

Mu A Mu Sa means compassion. That is the mantra we are reciting every Saturday. It is good if you keep reciting every day for a while.

Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng is the wisdom mantra. This mantra is helping us to reactivate our wisdom so we can be friendlier with our life.

Let’s go with the breathing technique and the mantra that we recite. Just relax and receive the energy. If you feel the energy vibrate and liberate your body just let it be.

May all the sentient beings be free of suffering and may all be blessed by the Buddha. Breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out. Sunken the belly. Chanting the mantra: We will repeat the mantra.

Mu A Mu Sa       Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Just be silent, keep meditating, breathing in and out, and observing the energy. Watching the entire body, from the top to the bottom and just relax. Time for us to allow the energy to flow. Meditation is the way for us to reunite with the earth. Our body represents the mother earth. Our wisdom represents the sun. The earth and the sun needs to be incorporated in order to benefit other living beings. As a human we slowly most just taking care of how we look, but forget to take care of the true health of the entire body. We always think the way we look good, maintain health by visits to the doctor is good enough. But that is not all. Mental states, spiritual states, really, really here for us in order for the earth, for this body to be healthy. The mind, the spirit, needs to be one with. Reunion with the earth means that connects with the spirit, the mind. We call Body, mind and spirit. Understand that we allow the compassion and wisdom energy from the Buddha connect to our mind, our body, our spirit together in order to be healthy. Very healthy, very good.

By that we also understand the relationship between human and the true earth that we are living in. The choice the earth means that the choice of the self is what you see. Now they always think and talk about how to protect the earth, the environment, the climate. But the truth. What are we going to do with? Not just about the governments, groups, associations, but individually we should understand and protect it ourself. All people form into the government, country, and group. But individually every one of us has to take it very seriously. We have to be responsible for what we do. Buddha teaches every one of us has to take care of our life in a good way. That means we put a hand to maintain the earth, nature, environment to be better. That is how they offer to our life. So reunion with the earth means more like we practice to know our body, to know our life, to know who we are. The compassion energy the wisdom energy, really helpful. It helps us to get to know ourselves much better. It helps us to know our physical body much better. It helps us to know our mind, our thoughts, our spirits.

By practicing mindfulness meditation with the two mantras that we just recited it brings us to the point that we understand ourselves so much better every day. Understand oneself is really helpful in order to understand others. We cannot understand a different person if we don’t understand ourself. So when we practice this meditation there is a lot of energy connecting us together. That energy we could offer to all of our loved ones and bring all together with reunion with the earth. We still call the earth the mother. The earth is my mother, takes care of all. So we re-unite with the earth. We know how to take care of our body, our life, in a good way. By maintaining the breathing techniques to receive the energy is the way for us to reunite with the earth. So we really filled with the energy flow. Fill with the energy flow. Just humble to receive.

Thinking about all our loved ones. From far and near. Connected with them by your spirit. Offer to them a good energy. Let’s breathe in, expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra and just receive the energy:

Mu A Mu Sa  Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng  (3x)

Just relax again. Every Saturday we practice together in order to motivate ourselves to stand up to connect deeper, deeper, physically, mentally and spiritually. The way we practice is just with the energy. The compassion and the wisdom energy. We really meditate with the energy. So when we recite the mantra with the breathing techniques every one of us fills with the energy within. It is moving our body. It is touching every part of our body. It is waking up every cell that you fill with energy. It is moving your body just like the water is moving the boat. You just relax and lay on the top of the energy and just receive with a very humble mind. Just look and be aware, be alert, be awake to note every energy moving within. The energy will connect you with the Buddha. From the Buddha we connect to all our loved ones. We are sharing our merit, offering the good energy to all. We ask all our loved ones be blessed by the Buddha, receive a good energy, just receive. If you feel the energy moving your body, you just relax. Let the body re-union with the mind and the spirit that we call reunion with the earth. The body is mother earth, the wisdom is the sun. The mind is just like the being, enjoy the sun and the earth. The energy will slowly transform into your body in a very intelligent way which you just watch and take not. You will discover a lot of very interesting things. Your health will improve. Your happiness will be increased, and the compacity of your mind to live with all will be expanding.

Center your body with the breathing technique in and out very slowly. Observing the energy and visualize your body is the earth. Connect with your body now. Top of your head down to the tip of your toes. Be aware, just be aware of your entire body. Maintain the consciousness with the energy flow, and let it flow. Just let the energy flow within your body no matter how, just let it be. The body is the earth. All living depends on the earth. Our mind, our spirits, be here with the body that benefits for our living. Conditions of every second within the mindfulness. Just fill with the energy surrounding. Just be with your mind, your thought and your body together, and just connect and receive the compassion and wisdom energy from the Buddha from the ten directions.  Thinking about our families, our loved ones, friends, community, our energy to all. We are not separate from them. We are reunited with them with the wisdom and compassion within the good energy for all to be one. Listen to your body moving with the energy. Listen to your mind as your thoughts arise. Bless all your thoughts, your body, your spirit with compassion energy from all Buddhas. Just relax.

For all our loved ones who are sick, will be healed. For those who are sad, will be happy, who suffer, no longer suffer, enjoy peace. Just let the energy flow. Just be one with the body. Our body is the earth, the mother earth. Just let the earth be as it is. No need from us to recreate in the way we think is best. The earth naturally will be as it is to benefit all. Protect the earth by practicing meditation to understand the impermanent part of the body is impermanent because the body will be transformed from to another, but permanent because it will be forever from one form to other forms. The energy is  a very pure form which exists for everlasting. Let’s remember. Taking care of the earth, taking care of our body means to transform our suffering. Transform our suffering means we have to stop any action, any language and thought which create cause and effect in a bad way and harm others and ourself. We could call, we create sin by making a very bad Karma, through thoughts, verbally, and actions.  Buddha says, stop all the evil and practice the good. That means protecting the earth. That is the way to reunite with the earth to benefit for all.

May the independence holiday of this weekend that we could say we declare, we all now independent with the body mind and spirit within the blessing of all Buddhas of the ten directions. We independent because we do not depend on any other energy just the pure energy with the Buddha nature, the mother earth. The truth of who we are to humble ourselves to receive all the blessing from all the Buddhas and offer to all our loved ones in the special Independence Day weekend. May all be blessed, be healthy, and safe. Enjoy the weekend with the loved ones and the family.

Breathe in expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate on the heaven gate point, breath out, sunken the belly, chanting the mantra. We offer all of our energy for all of our loved ones at this moment now.

Mu A Mu Sa    Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. (3x) Just 30 minutes every Saturday helping us to understand more about who we are, and also we work with our good energy through out the week. May all sentient beings be free of suffering and remember our loved ones. We offer our good energy for all of our loved ones. May all be safe and happy in reunion with all of the family. Thank you for practicing together. Take care.



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