2015. Nothing Wrong But Just Love | Mantra#2 – NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoang

Good Morning, today is Saturday. The day we practice meditation together.

Just sit down and relax. At your home, office, or wherever you are. Let’s look up to the Buddha the enlightened one. Empty our mind. Let’s just be. Let us begin.

May all sentient beings be free of suffering of any kind, physically, mentally and spiritually. May all be peaceful and happy and enjoy life in harmony with nature. Let’s put the right hand on top of the left hand.

We name the right hand the wisdom hand, the light, we name the left hand, the compassion hand. We have been practicing for a while understand the techniques, the breathing techniques are very simple. Mindfulness breathing techniques, breathing in and out slowly. Be aware when you breathe in and out. Be aware of the energy which you can fill with. You don’t have to give any name for that kind of energy or make a definition of the energy. Pure, just like being with that. The compassion energy through the mantra Mu A Mu Sa will connect with us physically and mentally and vibrates and liberates and unlocks all negative energy within our body so we just relax and we observe the energy and allow the energy to flow. We are just like the tree that is rooting down onto the Buddha nature land for the energy to flow within. The mantra NamMo TaMo TaMo DarRaHoung has the power to connect us with he enlightened one, the buddha, activating the wisdom and compassion within mindfulness practice is very beneficial for all of us physically, mentally and spiritually, especially for health it is healing.

Not just that, we are also thinking about our loved ones, like our parents, our husband, wife, family children, friends. We offer our best merit energy through the moment we meditate. They all receive it, Yes. Think about all of your loved ones this moment. Connect with them. We ask the Buddhas from ten directions to bless all of them. Let’s receive. Prepare yourself to be very humble and receive.

When you breathe in through your nose, you bring it down to the lower body and you are expanding your belly. You hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate on the heaven gate point. Where is the heaven gate point located? It is right in the front of the tail bone. Keep you mind there for just a second for the energy from the lower part through the backbone up to the top of you head. When you breathe out and sunken your belly, we chant the mantra. By doing so. From the top of your head down to the tip of your toes will be full of the energy to vibrate and liberate all. You fill with the energy. Let’s receive the energy and be with the Buddha nature.

Breathe in, sunken your belly, hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate by the heaven gate point. Breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra: Mu A Mu Sa   NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoung (3x)

We all be silent and aware of the energy flowing. When you fill with the energy, you acknowledge that it is there. Don’t interrupt it but incorporate with and be one with and flow with the energy. The energy from the Buddha, from the enlightened one, from the compassion one is very intelligent. It understands about your body and your mind very well. It will flow within and settle down. To reset your body to heal, to clean up your mind to be clear.  If you fill with the energy, just let it be. It is connected to all of your loved ones so the energy can flow and heal all together.

We are talking about nothing is wrong, but just love. Yes, when we love, not just with humans, our love toward all sentient beings. We love animals, trees, all kinds of sentient beings. Nothing is wrong with that. The definition of love we usually think about the person that we match up based on the attraction physically, fame, money, how they look, beauty, what you like. Race, Color, yes. Humans we always being that way that we call love. But that kind of love is beautiful but also builds up the roadblock that prevents us to go beyond the truth of the Buddha nature because when we fall in love with that person we create the fence around that does not set that person to be free any more. But puts us in the prison of jealousy that does not allow the other to be free to do things, because we just do things called loved to satisfy our desire. Buddha sees that kind of love based on desire creates more suffering.

We look back. Yes, we love someone, but when that person is doing something we do not like, and we do not get along well. We suffer. We try to stop the person, interfering in that person’s life to create more suffering for them. Both finally suffer. We all know that love is good, but always faces great suffering all the time. We don’t talk about those kinds of love. We talk about what Buddhas said, love beyond, love all equally. No judgement based on fame desire, the way how they look, the way we seek to satisfy our feelings, our sensations, our desire. That is not what Buddha says is love.

Love is sharing our merit. To transform all suffering, sharing our merit equally to all. With no judgement based upon anything, very pure like the Buddha nature raised up from the inside. No road blocks.` No nothing to prevent us to go beyond. That love always encourages us to practice. There is nothing wrong when we love all but not just say love. Love in Buddhism also means you have to practice to transform yourself to be no longer suffering. Because if you suffer you love someone you might transmit that kind of suffering, the disease, to others. We all need to practice transforming our suffering first. On the other hand, love in Buddhism we can use the term easier to understand that means compassion. Compassion toward everything, toward all. Practice compassion helps us to remove the negative energy Practice compassion with the pure mind, with no judgement or attachment. We treat each other equally with respect. Helping us to really improve our entire life, community and our loved one. Life is not meant for suffering. Life is beautiful. We suffer because we create the suffering. Not that life is Suffering. No life is beautiful We just don’t know therefore we create suffering for ourselves and others. Practice compassion, the true love from the Buddha Nature. That we call wonderful. Nothing is wrong, just love, that is what Buddha says. When we practice Mu A Mu Sa we activate the highest, the most important energy within us. That compassion energy always exists withing. Mu A Mu Sa is the key, when we breathe in and out it heals our body and raises up the true love that we see every sentient being as the future Buddha. There is no rejection or selection there is just love only. The more you practice the better the energy fllows.

I have a student behind me, her name is Eileen. She was given the bell by her husband. That bell is so wonderful, One hit, the sound it creates the vibrations still echo for a long time.

The vibrations still echo for a long time. That bell is very good, selected from Jim, her husband. Somehow Jim chose the right bell. Mu a Mu Sa is the good bell that the Buddha offers to us. Because he knows Mu A Mu Sa when we hit it with the mindful breathing technique the energy will be sounding within our entire body and vibrates through the entire universe. Unlimited, echo sound of the energy that vibrates and connects with all sentient beings. When you practice our meditation, you are chanting the mantra Mu A Mu Sa. You are thinking about your loved ones. Parents, family, friends. The special bell we call Mu A Mu Sa hitting by the mindfulness meditation breathing techniques will sound that vibration to all healing  people that echo for everlasting. So when you are breathing in  and out. The chanting of Mu a Mu Sa is really helpful. It brings us closer to the buddha and the enlightened ones, and also removes all the suffering and negative energy. It opens up our mind to be  full off the good potential of living in the highest spiritual practice.

In this year from the last year there are so many things that scare and make us worry. It get’s deep into our nerves and makes us fear. We need to get back into the Buddha nature and practice love. Practice Mu A Mu Sa and NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoung to light up our wisdom. There is nothing wrong with that, the true benefit. Loving yourself and transforming your suffering means loving each other. You cannot love each other without caring about yourself, you cannot love each other without practicing to transform your suffering. Let’s together we bring the nature within out, and let’s be mindful with the breathing technique, and hitting the bell Mu A Mu Sa and turning on the light of wisdom NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoung, and let the vibrations of wisdom and compassion. Let them vibrate and liberate to the entire universe. We offer to all our loved ones to connect together with us and all the Buddhas in the ten directions for all to benefit, to heal to no longer suffer.

Breathe in, expanding our belly, concentrate on the heaven gate point, and thinking about our family, our loved ones. Connect it with them and offer our wisdom, compassion, our merit to them all. Breathe out sunken the belly chanting the mantra and let the energy vibrate freely within your body. Mu A Mu Sa NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoung. (3x)

Just relax. Just observing the energy.  We all focus on the true love that is what Buddha teaches. We have to see the truth of how we love each other based on what. Is it based on money. Based on fame, luxury, based on how someone looks, how attractive they are. You know Buddha said all those things are ok, but we have to know all of those are impermanent. They will be gone does not exist forever. Just there as a condition to support our life. If we love each other to spend on that. Meaning we just love each other by the material, we become a material person. That love will be destroyed very soon. The love that buddha says means more compassion is better. It is better because by those kinds of love we see the truth of the Buddha within every sentient being. Everything surrounding within our environment that we live in. Don’t let somebody say it is wrong when you love the tree, when you love the flowers. I love all the flowers Eileen plants. Because they show the most beautiful how they are. Every single flower is different. But they are all beautiful I don’t love roses more than tulips, or purely. I don’t remember all the names of the flowers, but I always send the most beautiful flowers to Eileen and ask her to look for and plant in the temple. You know. We have to see through what covers our eyes that couldn’t even go beyond. Lets break through to step beyond to rejoin with the true love, with the compassion there is nothing wrong if we step an extra mile to be. This is wonderful. If something wrong happens, that breaks down the relationship between us and others it is just because we are not loving that person with the true love, with no attachment, so therefore we have the plan for them to be in order to love. Loving someone there is no plan. There are no barriers. There is only love. Buddha calls it compassion. Let the compassion arise inside our thoughts. Let the energy of love really flow around and transform the suffering and heal all the people. Thinking about our families, our parents. May all of them receive a good energy this Saturday morning. May all be blessed. Be strong and be free of all to enjoy life. Now together with me I ask all of you to just be with the Buddha nature, connected with all the Buddhas in the ten directions. We offer our energy to all who still suffer physically, mentally and spiritually. May all be healed.

May our loved ones always be happy. May all understand about all phenomena is impermanent. Nothing wrong, but just love. That is what we practice through the mantra Mu A Mu Sa and NamMo TaMO TaMo DaRaHoung.

Breathe in expanding your belly and hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra. Mu A Mu Sa  NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoung. (3x)

Just that. We are done. Just within 30 minutes we practice to receive the energy and to offer our merit to all. We go beyond any attachment for us to reach out and practice the true love. From what Buddha teaches to no longer create any more suffering by the particular to satisfy our desire our love. Let’s practice sometime during the week. We offer our energy of this special Saturday to all. May all no longer suffer. Buddha bless all.



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