2012: Open Up and Let Go | Mantra#2 – NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoang

Good morning, it is time for us to do Meditation on Saturday. So just sit down and relax. We be together. We listen to the bell to bring our mind to be here now at the moment we practice.

Nam Mo Shakyamuni      Mu A Mu Sa       Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng.

May all be blessed by the Buddha and have happiness, and long life to all.

Let’s put the right hand, the wisdom hand, on top of the left hand we call the compassion hand. You could sit down in the position that you feel comfortable. There is no rush, don’t hurry. Meditation is nothing so forceful, to make you to become. But meditation is to be with how you are. Be with your mindful breath. Be with your physical body. Be with your mind, be with your spirit. Try not to bring in anything from outside to convert yourself to become. Just let yourself be as it is. Learn to be with that.

Mindfulness meditation with the mantra is really important. First, mindfulness brings us back to the now, here. To know ourselves much better than just run away. The mantra is helping us to connect. To activate, to cultivate ourselves with.  I just mention again for all of us to remember the very first mantra, Mu A Mu Sa is very special. The sound of the compassion awakened. All of us already have this special compassion within, but it is just sleeping. We wake it up. This sound is the special awakening sound for our compassion. Compassion energy is really needed for every one of us. The second mantra, Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. Awakens wisdom and empowers us to be able to light up the light of the enlightened one within us. These two combined are really important. Compassion and wisdom we really need it for every moment of our life.

So now you already sitting and relaxing. Every Saturday we do it together. If this is the first time, it is alright, you just follow. And you will see the energy flow within you. Observing the energy with no judgement or attachment. Just let it flow. It will enrich. The sensation is deeper to be with the subconsciousness within you. Just do it. Just follow. We are thinking about our loved ones. Our parents husband and wife, children and friends. Whoever that you know in the community, or even in the groups you get together with, the Sanga, temple church, whoever. We are always thinking of them. We offer our very best merit energy to all. May all be always blessed to be strong, peaceful, and healed.

May all sentient being be free of suffering and receive compassion and the wisdom light from all Buddhas from the ten directions. Breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra.

Mu A Mu Sa       Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng

Just maintain silence with your breath and reciting the mantra in a very quiet way and observing the energy. When we are chanting the mantra with the breathing techniques combined together we all receive a very special compassion energy to liberate and vibrate us physically, mentally and spiritually.

It is very special for us to be filled with the energy no matter how it is. Just feel with that. Just relax.

We are talking about the title “Open up and Let Go” It has two different meanings, the first meaning is because we are chanting the mantra. Open up our chakra, our energy, our mind, our spirit, our body. So mind body and spirit can connect together. By the compassion energy leading by the wisdom light. By opening up we just let the energy go, don’t hold it back. It is very important for us to open up ourselves to be with all Buddhas in the ten directions, and let go of everything to just be with that. We have been disconnected from the Buddha for so long already. But open up by the energy, especially by the mantra Mu A Mu Sa, and Nam Mo ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. Helps us to get on the goal and move forward to be with the Buddha.

The Buddha is the one who is enlightened already. The Buddha is the one fully away. The compassion energy connects to wake us up. And you know we also need to open our minds to receive it with no attachment, no judgement. Compassion energy does not need us to give any special meaning or definitions.  Just fill with it. You will be healed. Open your mind. Don’t let any other information inject it into and reject it. Open to be and let go of all. Get on the goal to connect with all the Buddhas. You feel  the energy vibrate and move around you. Let it move and be with that. The energy is moving and the movement you see is the movement of life, of compassion, of the enlightened one who touches your soul, your spirit, your body, your life. The movement of love. So, open up and receive. Let go of all to be. More important to look deep inside your heart. Things that still don’t want to keep there but naturally it never is gone. So many things attached to us and we don’t want it any more. We need to move it away. The more you keep inside, the more depression you get. Let go. By opening up. But to whom you open up to let it go, you have to ask that question for yourself. If you see every body and just open up you may make those people sick or tired. They cannot handle whatsoever by just talking, just throwing it out. Buddha is the very best healer, teacher, he is a master, a best friend. He is the best psychologist that we can open up all to him. Come to the Buddha and talk to him by silence, by breathing techniques, the mantra. He doesn’t get dizzy like our friends when we open up to them and share our struggles. Buddha is the best one for us to talk to. Always think Buddha is the best friend. He is a good friend. So, open up by the mindful meditation techniques with the mantra. To let go of whatever you have held on to for so many years and hurt yourself and make you sick. Open to the Buddha and let it go. Open your mind to receive. Allow the Buddha to come to your life. Open up the Buddha nature in you with his wisdom so we can see through so we can be happier every day.

Let’s go back to the breathing technique. Offer our merit energy to light up with the wisdom light and compassion bring us together and let the Buddha come to our life.

May all be free of suffering, depression, worry, and struggles physically, mentally and spiritually.

Breathe in expanding your belly and hold I there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra, observing yourself humbly.

Mu A Mu Sa     Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Just be silent, observing the energy. Allowing the energy to liberate your body, sometimes it is stuck. The energy cannot flow. By chanting with the mindfulness meditation that is what we are doing now. Really helps us to receive a great compassion energy from all Buddhas. I never try to talk much about the doctrine of the Buddhist or tell you what to do with our special meditation together every Saturday. All I am doing is practicing together with you to awake our energy, to connect us with the Buddha, and for us to be our own self, to be free of all judgement, attachment and for a special healing physically, mentally, and spiritually. For our life to be more peaceful and happier and mindful of everything happening in our lives every second. We need to open up an let go of all. We need to let go of what is stuck inside our chest for so long already, inside our mind. You know the more you hold back, you harm yourself and push yourself down to the mud. Let’s stand up right. Let’s hold the light of the wisdom from the Buddha by the merit energy and by compassion. Together we remove what is no longer needed. Let’s open up and let go to move on to be with all the Buddhas, to rejoin the happiness, to be who we were when we were born and who we are now to be with. A lot of energy flows within our body. Don’t hold back.

 I am here practicing every Saturday to connect with you all in a spiritual way that we all maintain in a very healthy which we receive the energy together. We offer each other our merit to heal. We are always in pain by many things from ourselves and from others who make us to be their way. Let’s forgive and open up and let go.

I am always thinking about you. Thinking about your family. Thinking about whoever I know in this life.

I always offer my merits and always asking the Buddha to always care and connect with you all by his compassion and wisdom. There is nothing else to teach, only one thing. I am offering my best and ask the Buddha to connect with you and ask you to open up and let go of all to be with the Buddha.

Buddha means awakened. The awakened one. He is awake already. Let’s work with the awakened one for us to know the truth. There is no one awakened yet except the Buddha. Take a walk with the awakened one and you will see the truth. I am introducing you. Take a walk with me to see the buddha.

Let’s open up to be with, especially to transform our life to more peaceful, and useful to create more happiness with our own and to offer to others to make the community more healthy. That’s much better than we just do something to destroy or separate because of the I that we are blowing up too big like the balloon. It will break very soon. So, lets be honest and just let it be.

May all be free of suffering and may all our loved ones always receive the compassion and light of the wisdom from the Buddha and may all be healed. We love all. We offer our merit to all. Now together we return back to the breathing technique to receive and to offer. To connect with all and to open up and let go. Don’t hold back for what is no longer necessary to be held. Also open up to remove our attachment, our judgement. Empty our mind and let go of all. Step up to get on the goal to be with the Buddha. Let it be.

Breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken the belly, chanting the mantra:

Mu A Mu Sa     Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Thank you. That is just what we do every Saturday. Thirty minutes together for an early weekend in America and a late weekend in Vietnam. We practice to get closer to the Buddha. We practice to know ourself. We practice to open up to let go of what is no longer needed. We open up to step up. You know to unify with all Buddhas in the ten directions with the great compassion energy and the wisdom we make a good weekend for everybody in our own family and may every one of us receive a great compassion energy and light up the wisdom to make the weekend meaningful for the community and family. We think of everyone with Covid in India, Asia, Vietnam. We always thinking about and offer our energy and pray for them to be strong enough to get over this special struggle, challenge in life. May all be blessed. Thank you so much and have a good weekend.



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