2013: The Truth Seeker | Mantra#2 – NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoang

Good Morning. We are now practing meditation together. Could be you are at home, sit down relax or you are on the road. No matter. Meditation does not mean just sitting. Just means being mindful with your breath, and understand, and know exactly what is going on every moment of our life. No matter what you are doing now, where you are. If it happens that you listen to what I am doing. Just listen and relax. Flow with how your body is, observe the nature of how it is. Do not try to force it to become. But there is to return to the time now. Let’s listen to the bell to relax.

Just put the right hand on the left hand. Wisdom on the compassion hand if you are sitting. Make sure you relax. Just relax. Nothing to worry about because we have been worrying so many things already for so long already. We worry too much. Let’s cut off for awhile to relax.  Just relax.

There are two mantras that we practice. The first one Mu A Mu Sa means cultivation of our compassion energy by connecting with the Buddha to have a jump from his compassion helping us. The second mantra Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng, lighting up the wisdom, waking up, is the same meaning. With the technique we are returning back to our own wisdom and compassion. We ask for help from the Buddha to wake up our wisdom and activate our compassion. Our wisdom and compassion know exactly what to do with our life. There is no need for us to drive the wisdom and compassion to any different direction you want. Just relax.

We are going to practice three times with the Mantra and mindful breathing technique. When you breathe in you relax, and you take down to the lower part of your body. You hold it right there for three seconds, there is a point in front of our tail bone we call the heaven gate. That point in the gate to transform the energy through our backbone up to the top of our head. We just concentrate there for a second, and then we breathe out. We sunken our belly and we chant the mantra. That is how we do it. By doing so every one of us will receive a great energy. The compassion energy and the wisdom energy. Physically, we all fill with that energy vibrating, to liberate all our negative energy, to transform naturally, just like the river flowing it will clean up everything just by flowing. We allow the energy flow to clean up our negative energy. Let’s begin to clean up our negative energy first to be health.

Breathe in, expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra:

Mu A Mu Sa    Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Just relax and be silent and keep your breathing techniques going mindful with every action, every momement, with the silence of your mind. Just observe the energy surrounding your body. Just be one with, there is no need for you to purify the energy. It knows what to do. There is no need for you to make any justification, because there is no judgement, there is no attachment, there is no like or dislike. There is no acceptance or rejection. The title we talk about today is, “The Truth Seeker”. As we grow up we are always seeking for something. That is very natural. When we open our eyes and we become aware of the environment surrounding us. When we live in the family or independent by ourself, we always seek. Seeking for something. What have you been seeking? That is the question you ask yourself. Is it ok to seek for anything you want. We seek for our life. For life from other planets, that’s why we learn about space. We learn about other planets, and we are seeking for life. That is one thing from the outside. So many things in life we are seeking every day. You can make a list of many things. It is hard to list them all, but we all know we are always seeking for something. We are seeking for something that we don’t even use. We don’t even think it could benefit, or need for us. We just seek. Not just seeking, then we are grabbing. We are taking, and bring it in to our life. With all things that form we could touch, we carry in. That is why many people live in the home, small or big, we just look around and seek around, and carry it in. Finally our home has no more space to move around. Summer time many people do a garage sale, to bring out what we don’t need to sell at a very low  price to clean up the home. We also seeking for information, for knowledge from many things. We start in our mind. That is to the time our mind is full of that information that we don’t need. Then we will not be able to take in more information and knowledge that we need. We need to be wiser to make a good choice. In spiritual practice, especially Buddhist, Buddha said, “The true seeker is the one who let’s go of what is outside, materially, and any other, that we don’t need.” Because for those things we don’t need, makes us slowly forget who we are. What remains within. In life we don’t actually need so many things. Of course, we need food, we need homes, we need jobs, knowledge to make money for living, yes. But that is not all. That is very human nature.

The true seeker is the one who always seeks. Seeking from their skills, the Buddha nature, peace, compassion, wisdom. That is the true seeker.  Gain and loss creates suffering. Our desire, creates suffering because there is nothing that can meet up with our desire, greed, delusion. Block us to not be with ourself to enjoy life. There is a certain time in our life we sit down and say to ourself, yes, too many things that we are worried about. We are looking at, that we don’t need. Let’s make a good yard sale, clean up our spiritual home. Don’t step out and expect anything from outside to have, but make ourself to be ready to learn, to receive, that we be more independent to stand up for ourself. Just like the children that the mother teaches. The mother provides and teaches the children all knowledge needed for life, but the children need to stand up to take care of themselves. The Buddha is the teacher, he is still teaching us and providing us with a good knowledge. What we study from him is to be peaceful, mindful and happy.

With this very difficult time in life for the entire world. Many things happen any moment, and crash down everything. Now we see clearer because the covid. But you know Buddha sees that, not just the covid, it is the breath. If you breathe out and cannot breathe back in, you die. But no one sees that danger. No one sees that is what we should think of. It could happen any moment in life. Therefore he is teaching us that truth seeking. We seek to be with mindfulness breath. Breath is life. If you don’t be with your breath and mindful, there is no life, even if you still move around and do what you want. Especially if the breath has no compassion and wisdom, it is just a movement, the movement of darkness and creates more suffering for others.

The mantra that we practice, Mu A Mu Sa, is very special. That is special cultivation between us and the Buddha. Helping us to be more friendly with the Buddha. Helping us to be closer with the Buddha to receive the compassion energy, with the light of the wisdom. Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. Therefore  the true seeker practices with the mindfulness of compassion and wisdom. That is the true seeker. That is what I mean. That is the truth. Every day you live now to be a living moment with the mindfulness of the compassion and wisdom connected and to be with the Buddha. That is very special. Not just talk, because when the cultivation happens, you fill with, you know it.

Let us return back to the mantra and just humble ourself, and receive the energy. Just receive. Just receive. Just receive the energy. Receive the light of the wisdom from the Buddha. Receive the compassion energy from all the buddhas, and think about your parents, and you are becoming the receiver that receives the energy to deliver it to our lovely parents, family, children, friends. Just receive, and offer those special wisdom and compassion merit energy to all. To all of who we can think of. You can see in your mind. You master, your friends, your community, all. Just receive. Maintain that receiving thought inside your mind and breathe in, expanding the belly, concentrate right there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate, breathe out, sunken our belly, chanting the mantra Just receive the energy. Just receive.

Mu A Mu Sa    Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Just be with yourself and receive. When we make ourself available to receive, a lot of energy that flows within us. A lot of compassion and wisdom energy from the Buddha from all Buddhas from ten directions, from all Bodisattvas, from all the Master’s and all of us. Just like a good network sharing, offering all good energy to all. Make ourself available and receive the energy at all times, at all times. The more we make ourself available to receive, the more humble we become. Humble and bent down to be with the mother earth, to be with the truth. To be with the Buddha nature within. To receive. I ask all of you to receive. The Buddha within and the Buddha is always our teacher. He always being our best friend teaching, caring, and helping us to be our own. He wants us to be independent, strong, and to receive the teaching through the energy. We are all filled with the energy when we receive. It vibrates, these special vibrations that you feel with your body. Vibrations with the physical body, vibrations that you can see and feel with your spirit and mind. Like me I feel in touch with my soul and my spirit. I feel in touch with all friends with all friends and student, I feel in touch to connect with the Buddha to connect and be with the buddha. I feel in touch with our master that he is always around helping us. There is no space, no time. There is no block, we all being one. Just receive and give. We have been so busy seeking to take, to get, to gain, to earn, to become. But now, I ask all of you to follow the Buddhas teaching. Humbly receive the energy to restart our life with fresh compassion and wisdom energy.

No a very special we are thinking of our parents, and we offer our parents a good energy for them to live long and healthy. We are thinking of all sentient beings who still suffer physically, mentally and spiritually. We receive the energy to offer to them all. May all the sentient beings no longer suffer. We are thinking of our loved ones. Family, friends, community, we always thinking of them and we always make ourself available. Empty our thoughts and mind to receive the compassion and wisdom from the Buddha and we offer to all. We turn back to the mantra. Remember to receive. If you fill with the energy flow so strong. The body moving left to right or right to left. Just receive and let the body vibrate, let the body shake, let the body move with the energy. Just receive. Please.

Breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate by the heaven gate point. Breathe out, Sunken your belly, chanting the mantra. Just receive the wisdom and compassion energy while we all chant.

Mu a Mu Sa    Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

I believe we all receive the compassion and wisdom energy for this early weekend. Beautiful Saturday. A beautiful moment that we all receive a good energy from the Buddha. We offer all what we have recied to all our loved ones. The true seeker is not seeking at all, but returning back to be available to receive. The true seeker is the true receiver. The true seeker is the true offerer to all. Receive and offer that is the true seeker. Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend with family. Make sure every moment of our life will become the true seeker, and once again the true seeker is the true receiver and offerer. Become a receiver and offerer. Make yourself very humble and enjoy life every moment with the mindfulness breathing technique with the compassion and wisdom mantras. Thank you for so much for you to practice meditation with me. Make sure you practice every day. Make sure you receive every moment of your life and offer.

Thank you. Have a good weekend.



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