Be The Fish That got away!

Eileen Dolan

In a strange way mindfulness meditation is like fishing… So many thoughts go through the mind as you focus on breathing. The smart fish is the one who learns not to grab the bait and swallow it, rather the smart fish might just nibble on the loose end but doesn’t get caught on the hook.

The same is true with life, we can cling to the tempting bait all around us, the fears, the frustrations, the plans for the future, the regrets from the past, or with our mindfulness, we can see the bait and say, “I’m not going there… been there done that and don’t want to go through that suffering again.”

When we learn to fill up with the good food of compassion and wisdom the bait around us becomes less and less of a temptation. When we learn to transform the negative thoughts our mind nibbles on,  then the chances of getting hooked decrease dramatically, and we are able to live in freedom and happiness.



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