2011: Love is Non-Self | Mantra#2 – NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoang

Good morning. Today is Saturday again. We get together here. We are in the Xa Loi Temple Meditation Hall in Frederick, Maryland. All the friends from many different places, no matter how far we are, just sit down together. We share the values of the compassion and wisdom energy. Let’s begin.

Nam Mo Bon Su Thich Ca Mo Ni Phat 

Mu A Mu Sa   Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng

May all of us be blessed by the enlightened ones and all the compassion energy from the Buddhas, the wisdom of the enlightened ones, passed down to all of us no at the moment we do meditation.

Let’s put the right hand on top of the left hand. We name the right hand the wisdom hand, the left hand the compassion hand.

With wisdom and compassion, we return to the root, the true nature, we call Buddha nature. Just sit down in the position that your body feels comfortable no matter how. Could be on the floor with a cushion, on your bed, sofa, chair or even you are standing up now. It’s ok. Just be with how you feel comfortable. Sitting, standing, or laying down is no matter no difference.

The difference is how you keep you mind to be with the mindfulness breathing technique, activated by the compassion Mu A Mu Sa and the wisdom Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Da Ra Houng helping us live life with the truth. By chanting these two mantras physically, mentally, and spiritually, every one of us, even if you have been practicing a long time, or just beginning today with us just the first moment of life to see this video, just watch and observe. You will fill with the energy flow. Energy doesn’t choose how long you practiced. New or old beginner or intermediate, just be with all equally within every second of life. So let’s humble ourselves to receive the energy from the Buddha.

Thinking about all our loved ones, our parents, our husband, wife, family, children, friends, society. We connect with them all at this moment. We share the merit energy to all equally. Just follow me as much as you can. Most importantly, you are observing the energy.

May all sentient beings be free of suffering and receive compassion energy from all Buddhas from ten directions and receiving the light of the wisdom of the enlightened one leading us in a peaceful way.

Breathe in, expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out chanting the mantra. We will repeat it many times until I stop.

Muuu Aaaa Muuu Saaa    Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Just be silent, every one of us. Just be with the breathing technique mindfulness, sitting or standing still unmoved, being one with the mindfulness breathing technique. Quiet your mind, silence your body, connect with the energy from the Buddha. Allow the energy to flow within your body, your spirit and your mind.

We are talking about today, how to observe the energy. Energy of life. With the title we call “Love is non-self.” Not just love from human to human. Love is compassion. Love without attachment. Love in non-form, non-self. Physical form, any form of action is impermanent. They are impermanent. They are there and will be gone. The body we love today, looks good, that how we accept, expect, will be gone and you know every moment is going away, it keeps going and going.

I have a friend, very lovely friend who is now at the ocean view very early in the morning.  She has a little video about the waves at the ocean. It is beautiful when the sun rises. With the sun reflecting on every wave that created by the ocean she sees the truth; the truth of what Buddha teaching is all things are impermanent. Our friend sees the wave coming beautifully and the light of the sun floats on the top of the wave, wave after wave. She knows the wave comes and goes away. The wave is impermanent. It is beautiful it incorporates with the sun, the wave is so beautiful. It is on the surface of the water. It flows, it is nice, but then the beautiful wave is impermanent. Our friend knowing that the wave of impermanence comes and goes. But the water remains still. That is wonderful. Wonderful thought. Wonderful experience of the truth of the teaching from the Buddha.

Our body, our thoughts, our verbal speaking, just like the wave, come and go. It is never still. This body is impermanent. The way we are thinking is impermanent, how we talk to each other is impermanent. What remains still is love. Compassion and wisdom. Still remains. The wave is forming into many different forms, big waves, small waves, beautiful ways, sometimes so strong. Form of the body is so different from one to the other. The nature forms into so many different forms. Our thoughts raise us so many different thoughts. The way we talk is so different. Compassion and wisdom are no different at all, they remain after all is gone. Love is non-self. There is no form from love. True love that we call compassion and wisdom. That is the truth. However, as a human, we create the expectations for the bigger form the beautiful form to show the love for each other. Just because we don’t know that the form for the wave of life is impermanent, we hold on to those forms for so long. The longer we hold onto it, the more suffering comes to us. Holding and attaching to the impermanent form creates a great suffering. What remains still? The water. What remains still? Compassion and wisdom. If we look very deep, and we recognize compassion and wisdom come to every one of us without form, but is within all forms, we will be very happy because we all welcome and connect with deep compassion and wisdom energy. With no expectations we see Any form of any kind coming to us to be held. If we know that we just love each other. Every action, every thought, every time we talk to each other is all about love and compassion. It is all about wisdom and understanding. It is wonderful.

Mu A Mu Sa is compassion energy, it has no form, but with the condition of the body and the mind and the spirit of every one of us, the non-self of the compassion energy will form into certain forms, which vibrate, liberate, shaking, moving, touching our thoughts, our body, that we realize, yes, the non-self, the non-form is here touching the form. That is how we understand the coexistence of non-form and form, non-self and self. It is wonderful. Just be honest with ourselves. Just be quiet in the moment now. Just observe the special connection from form and non-form self and non-self to understand the truth of love and compassion, the truth of wisdom. Either way, self or non-self, form or non-form is no matter. The matter is Wisdom and compassion are here with us. Let the body vibrate. Let our thought liberate. Set ourselves free of any attachment of any kind. Just be free to be with the Buddha nature. Let the wisdom lighting up and the compassion transform, Let the impermanence wave form into any form we could touch, see or feel with no attachment at all. It will come, it will be gone. The remaining is love, compassion and wisdom. Receive the compassion and the wisdom from the Buddha. The non-self non-form with no I, no attachment. We all will be one with the Buddha nature. All the Buddhas from the ten directions will be present within us. And form into all forms but no matter what form Buddha exists or appears or is present within us now, we welcome with the true mind with no attachment. Let’s be humble. Let it be.

May all our loved ones, all our parents, families, friends, and community receive the great compassion and wisdom from all the Buddhas. May all people who are sick be healed, who are weak, be strong, who are afraid, will live in the buddha nature to believe in to be stronger. Let’s together share the values of love. Love as non-self no form, pure compassion and wisdom.

Breathe in expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate by the heaven gate point breathe out, chanting the mantra receive the wisdom and compassion energy.

Muuu Aaaa Muuu Saaa    Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Just be silent and continuing mindful with the energy and wisdom from all the Buddhas. All your body, and show your spirit liberate and vibrate and be free of any form of the wave of the energy wisdom formed into your body. No matter how the wave looks, it will be incorporated with the sun and reflect the most beautiful.

Last night, here at the temple, raining and raining and raining all night long. Every pure drop of the water from the sky falling down. Benefitting for all equally. From the tallest tree to the flower. From the grass to all other forms of living beings. Even animals, especially as humans we feel so comfortable. Rain benefits for all, and rain brings life on earth. The rain of the compassion and wisdom from the Buddhha is equally offered to all of us. Whatever form you are now, as long as your receive it, is very humbling. You will benefit for your life.

Tomorrow is Sunday. The next Sunday is too far away, but right after tomorrow is Monday. We call memorial day. Memorial Day is the day we remember about our loved ones who fell down for us to stand strong to be free. Memorial Day does not mean remembering who fought for freedom, but is about who offered their life for us to be free. Not fighting for the freedom, offered their life. Sacrificed their life for us to be free. Who is that? Our great grandparents, our parents, our loved ones. Of course, not just the soldiers. Memorial Day is remembering about all the loved ones who offer their lives and sacrifice for our life to be free. Not the day of a barbeque. Not the day to get together to drink and eat. But the day we sit down. We lie down flat with the mother earth. We rejoin with the mother earth. We thank mother earth. Holding time with all our loved ones that we remember. One in our memory. Ones who offered their lives and laid down with mother earth with the nature of true love to be show. That’s not a barbeque, not a party, not to get together to laugh and drink. That is how very pure memory we call memorial day. The day we remember about our loved ones who offered our lives to be free. The day we remember about all people who sacrificed who loved us and lay day, rejoined with mother earth for all to be able to grow strong.

Let’s not allow the party, drinking, barbecuing moving your mind to different directions to convert memorial day to business, making money, but let’s truly be with love. Love is non-self. Love is no I. Understand there is no I, we can love all. Our love with no I, no self it becomes unlimited. To all ten directions to be rejoined not with mother earth, but with all Buddhas to benefit for all within the universe, but not within this small planet we call earth. Love is non-self. All our loved ones who offer their lives, who laid down with mother earth, for us to be free to be happy is no self, no I. They offer all. Let every one of us offer our love to all people no matter who, that we have the right time to be with, within the community, family, society. Our love without any attachment of any form, any self. Let us lie down to be humble, to be one with mother earth. Let us rejoin with the Buddha nature to be with the enlightened one. To be with the Buddhas in the ten directions, to be love. That is special.

May all the Buddhas from ten directions bless all our loved ones, all people who offer their life who sacrifice their life from the very beginning of the human being to the end of our life, or the end of the life of the earth. That we know. Because of their blessing we are here to be free. We are here to be with the Buddha. May all understand that the Memorial Day is the day about the values of love, of offering, let us here now free offer our life to benefit for all sentient beings. Our loved ones laid down with mother earth, sacrificed their body always still remain. Like the wave is gone, but the water remains. The body is gone, but the wisdom and compassion will always be. Let us reach out within your soul and spirit. Offer our merit energy, let’s receive the compassion energy and lighting up the wisdom from the Buddha. Let us be and let us love each other. No self, No I.

Breathe in expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantras very deeply:

Muuu Aaaa Muuu Saaa.  Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Thank you, all friends practiced the mindfulness meditation with us this Saturday. You know, love is non-self. Meditation is the art of living soul, living spirit.
Just a short time every Saturday we practice, if you can carry and deliver it to every part of your life every day, every second. It will benefit your life.

Thank you for a very happy day, happy Memorial Day. Remember what I said about Memorial Day. I will see you next Saturday. Thank you.



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