2010: Observing the Non-Form | Mantra#2 – NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoang

Good morning Everyone. Today is Saturday, a very peaceful day. We come together to sit, to sink down, and to fill with the real life within us through the energy, the compassion and wisdom energy from all sharing our very special merit energy to all our loved ones, and just sit down please and put your hands together to show the sign of humble, and ready and willing to receive. Let’s begin.

Nam Mo Shakyamuni   Mu A Mu Sa   Nam Mo Ta MO Ta Mo Da Ra Houng

May all of us be blessed by all Buddhas from ten directions. The more people around the world are scared. It’s not just here in the west. But the virus now just come around to India and Vietnam. Every second there is someone getting covid. Here in the United States we have the vaccine and we feel much better than a year ago. But all the other countries now just start a new beginning of a very dark journey. We pray for them. We pray for all people be safe and their loved ones be taken care of well, every moment of life.

Let’s put the right hand, we call the wisdom hand on top of the left hand we call the compassion hand. Fear comes around by something that makes us scared. But that does not exist within the mind. The mind is really empty, just love and care.

We start with the mindfulness breathing technique with the Mantra: Mu A Mu Sa meaning, may all of us receive the compassion energy from all Buddhas and the second Mantra: Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng, that we receive the light of truth, to turn on for us to see through. Especially during this darkness around the world, we need the wisdom light to turn on for every one of us to see through and enjoy life.

May all the disease, the darkness within the soul of everyone be removed. May all the negative energy that transforms to become a positive energy that is helping us to be strong. May all our loved ones be blessed especially our parents, our husband, wife, sister, brother, community and friends. Here we offer our merit and we ask the Buddhas from ten directions to bless us all.

Breathe in expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantras slowly, and thinking about all your loved ones at this moment:

Mu A Mu Sa       Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng  (3x)

Just be silent and then quiet your mind, allow the energy to flow and just relax. Today we are talking about observing the non-form in life. Especially in the holiday we all expect our loved one to say hello, or send us the special holiday card, or buy some gifts like flowers. Or expect some higher value like a diamond ring. Sometimes they want the ring called the lord of the ring. That could be a movie. That means they want more power. That seems to be the demand for the businesses to make more money. We all expect to observe, love through form. If the holiday our husband our wife forgets to give us something to touch or feel, we feel unloved. Therefore, you see every holiday, Christmas, New Year, Thanks Giving, Birthday. We no longer living very simple by just sharing our love, our energy. So all kinds of this need to be shown by form based upon something we like. We expect it. Buddha says, expectation creates more suffering, but we never stop to create our expectations in many different ways of life. Slowly, we don’t see the true love for each other through the eyes. Through the warm dinner at home, or through sitting outside in the garden, or backyard. To enjoy nature together and have tea talk. Observe love by the surroundings. It seems rare for just that. Or just get together to have a ride together. Sometimes very simple. But we slowly forget that. How we rethink is very hard. When we get along and for so long it is very hard to make a u-turn even though we know we get lost. But we fear to turn around. Sometimes we hesitate to just turn because we hope in the wrong way that we could get on the right way. That is how it becomes very natural, acceptable. But that is not right. Husband and wife come to each other not always, but sometimes, we expect each other to come by something, carry on the hand that so love.

I remember my mom and my daddy the old generation. They were very simple. They had nothing to give except care for each other. When my daddy went away for business. When he returned home there was nothing to give except love. The very huge hug and kiss on my mom’s forehead. That is all. But at home my mom already prepared a very good dinner, for my dad, her husband to enjoy with the whole family together with the children. That is wonderful. I could say that is non-form because the energy of love exists within all forms. So, there is no particular form which can show love. If every one of us freely allowed the love energy to flow within from all actions from each other and yes of course, the action being shown by love will help us to break through all kinds of things. Healing physically, mentally and spiritually, from far and near. Don’t need to be in person, but far from the distance the love energy will still be able to flow and heal each other. You know sometimes we think why and how it happens. We are sitting here, empty our mind, not attached to any form, but just offer a very pure energy to all. Through our prayer, the mantra, and mindfulness breathing. Yes our friends are far away, they will be able to receive it and heal.

Observing the non-form means observing the special spiritual, love energy. So, in a very short we follow the Buddha’s teaching. The more expectation to receive the form to show the love and care for each other the more disconnected from the true love, the pure energy, but just attach to the material, which never exists for ever, everlasting. It does not mean that we don’t have to do that again, but if we do, we do it with true love. Not just a gift to give. But the less expectations in form. The more we discover the powerful of the non-form exists within all space, time and dimensions. That the compassion and wisdom, non-form energy. Let’s sink our mind into the breathing technique and observe that energy. The wisdom and compassion from all the Buddhas. We are always thinking about our loved ones who are still sick, in fear, struggle that they will be healed, to be strong, happy, mindful and peaceful every moment of their life. May the Buddha Bless us all.

We breathe in, expanding our belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point sunken our belly, breathe out, chanting the mantra:

Mu A Mu Sa    Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Just be silent, conscious of the energy, thinking about our family. Our temple is next to the farm. Yesterday we saw the farmer spray something on the crops. We think that there is always a season to grow, but they spray and suddenly, just a day after, all the green turned yellow and died. We understand the techniques the farmer lets the earth take a break year in and year out they harvest, but they never let the mother earth take a break. So that is a very special break. It also shows respect to mother earth. Let the earth rest for a season. That is kind, very kind to let the earth take a rest. You know we don’t have to be very busy doing things. This kind of work to show, this kind of form or other form. Sometimes we have to follow and study like the farmer. Take a break, relax, purify. Productive does not mean you work hard, you incorporate with the environment around you. Make sure all are happy, not just you. This kind of action of the farmer you see as non-form. He would think, I’m not going to take a break because I am going to harvest more. Doing like that is killing the farm. So they want the farm to take a break. Look at ourselves. We run into so many different things from day one to day to, and just keep counting on. Let’s be a good farmer who takes a break. Not for a season, but at least a few minutes a day for your life, to purify your mind, body, and spirit. Also, for us to relax. On the other hand I say for us to empower to be ready to move on. You have to stop by a gas station to pump gas for a long distance. You have to go to the rest area if we are driving long. By not taking the break to receive the compassion and wisdom energy to purify our soul, or to relax and reevaluate our life, or to think about our loved ones. Husband wife, children, friends. Now. Don’t wait until you have time because you know life is impermanent. Here and there we don’t know how long we have. Don’t wait for that last moment because it will never be caught in time.

Observing the non-form, the energy of love, compassion, wisdom, of everything we do. We care without expectation. So, for us we always ask ourselves could we give ourself a little bit more time to transform what we expect to receive every day. Then empty it. Just do a very simple art, just sitting and relax. You could drink tea or juice that you like. With no form, no TV, no other information. Just look in the world and thinking about our loved one. That is good, I have been doing it for many years. I know that all my friends receive a very good energy every time I am thinking about them in the meditation stage. Now they are living in fear, scared of many things, not just covid. We love our people, we love our family, meaning that we are sharing our good energy with them. Not just buying things and giving to them. Offering our merit energy in meditation way is the best gift in non- form. Observing the energy and offering it to our loved ones is the best. Don’t believe, just try it and you will see. Today we are especially thinking about our parents who are far away, always be healthy, peaceful and live long with love. We are thinking about our family all the time. With our husband busy far apart, with the wife at home busy with the family and children. About others we know. May we connect deep with them through this. All of us receive a good energy for all of us. The light of wisdom break through and go beyond the fear so we all heal physically, mentally and spiritually purified in a good way.

Lets be with your breathing. With the mantra, may all be blessed for this special weekend. Especially in Buddhist, tomorrow, Sunday, the full moon of April in the Lunar calendar we celebrate the day Buddha was born, enlightened and the day the buddha stepped into Nirvana. Which just means the higher stage of meditation.  We ask you together with us now in the Lotus mental stage to offer the light of the wisdom, the compassion energy of the enlightened one for all. For all to be truly who we are.

Breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra:

Mu A Mu Sa     Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (3x)

Thank you that’s all about thirty minutes, and every Saturday we practice here at the Xa Loi Temple in Frederick Maryland on YouTube and Facebook. If you are in Frederick, we welcome you all. You can stop by and meet Su Co Bao Co or Eileen one who is always here. You can see the beaurtifl trees forest, and flowers. You can see the peacock’s, cats, and dogs. Our temple is very friendly and always has a good energy if you stop by and visit. If you have questions, give us a call, or text, or come to the land of the temple. The spiritual home for all. We welcome. Thank you for practicing with us this Saturday. Have a wonderful weekend with your lovely family.



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