2006: Great Suffering | Mantra#2 – NamMo TaMo TaMo DaRaHoang

Nam Mo Shakyamuni

Mu A Mu Sa

Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng

May all the Buddhas from ten directions bless all our loved one, and all sentient being. Bless us to no longer suffer but be happy every moment of our life.

It is time for us to practice like every Saturday we get together on line on YouTube, and Facebook. Just let go of the very busy life. You have a special moment deep inside the spirit to purify our life to be ready for tomorrow. Let us Begin.

Please put your right hand, we name the wisdom hand on the top of your left hand, we name it the compassion hand. Wisdom and Compassion are needed for us to be. For those if this is the first time you see me online, I am very humble to introduce my spiritual name is Master Bao Thanh. Has been living in Buckeystown, Frederick, Maryland. Here at this temple, we call Xa Loi Temple in the Country side, more than twenty years. It is old enough for me to be very friendly with this farm. With the nature of American Countryside. I feel so much in touch, and I feel very accepted by the land, the nature here. I am always happy to be here to connect with the earth and offer the merits, the compassion from all Buddhas to whoever who have the chance, or the right time to put their foot on this land. We welcome you all the time. You are free to just come. No need to call to set up an appointment. The Temple is open from 10:30 A.M till 7:00 PM every day. It is good for you to come to take a walk, to release or transform, or to just relax.

 A year has already passed with the virus. I started online to reach out to those who could not even step out, had to stay at home in peace, in touch with deeper living spirit. Following the meditation practice which Buddha taught us. This method is very special. It doesn’t put any more ink, it is very blank, very naked, which mean you can see through the truth that you can connect with all the Buddhas in the ten directions and receive the compassion energy so you can see the truth of all thoughts, all phenomena, of consciousness, and sensations physically mentally and spiritually, deep within you. It is a very good time for us to practice these kinds of methods to know our selves much better. For the true living, otherwise we are living with somebody else, not ourselves.

In this method we are really physically, mentally, and spiritually receive and fill with the energy that flows within. Just like the earth fills with the water when it rains. The earth just absorbing the water to nourish all the living things to grow that you witness in the spring here and everywhere else. The spring comes and raise up from the inside. The rain is the compassion energy from all Buddhas will be raining over your mind, your spirit and you body. That your mind Body and spirit just absorb that energy for you to see through. So energy working is a special compassion energy from Buddha that we work on. It is so much and the best for all. There is no need to explain. There is no need to talk, to discuss. Just like the love between the mother and children. No single word written down could explain how the love of the mother and the children. Only the children observe it, and know exactly how much their mother loves them. Just as the mother looks deep into the children’s lives and knows how much she loves her children. Mother is always loving us, and absorbing the compassion energy from the Buddha to help us physically, mentally and spiritual garden to be ready and enrich the most beauty of our life.

The first mantra we have been practicing for a year sounds, Mu A Mu Sa, which means collecting and receiving the compassion energy from all Buddhas in the ten directions. The second mantra we have just started learning is Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. It means lighting up the wisdom of the Buddha. Both mean by receiving all the compassion energy our wisdom be lighting up for us to see through what we haven’t seen, for us to know what we haven’t known, for us to be what we haven’t been. We are missing a lot about ourselves. Need to know more to be happy to enjoy. That is all our goal. Not to convert to a religion, or believe anything, but just to know ourselves much better. Even though I am in the form a Buddhist monk. The reason I am teaching here is for you to know yourself much better if you have the right time, otherwise we just be friends. 

The Technique is following mindfulness breathing technique in and out. When you breath in expanding your belly, and you breathe out release the air chanting the Mantra for the energy to transform into you body. Let us begin with the breathing techniques. Follow as well as you can. If you have any questions, just text or call 301-792-1095. Just leave a message or text. I will call back.

Now we practice.

May all the Buddhas bless all our loved ones, our families, all the sentient beings to be free of all kinds of suffering, and to be happy, to rejoin with the truth and to transform every day. Breathe in, expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate by the heaven gate point, breathe out, Sunken your belly, chanting the mantra, Muu Aaa Muu Saa. Breathe in, Breathe out, Chanting: Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng.

May all our loved ones, and families be blessed. Breathe in, Expanding the Belly and hold it there for three seconds. Concentrate on the heaven gate point, breath out, sunken the belly, chanting the mantra: Muu Aaa Muu Saa  Breathe in, Breathe out, Chanting: Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng

May all our loved ones and families be blessed by the Buddha and be happy. Breathe in, expanding the belly and hold it there for three seconds and concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breathe out, sunken the belly, chanting the mantra: Muu Aaa Muu Saa. Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng.

Just relax, and be silent, look deep into your soul, your mind, your body. Observing the energy and allow the energy to flow. By breathing the mindfulness meditation and chanting the powerful two mantras, it helps us to connect with all Buddhas directly, and receive the compassion energy. Every one of you will now fill with the energy. Even if you are watching live, or later. Just means this video is still very powerful for all to receive the energy. The energy is from the Buddha, himself, the enlightened one. It is unlimited energy that does not belong to any space or time. Wherever you are, we still exist. All along with every breath that you are breathing in. Observe the energy and allow yourself to be one. Humble yourself, no matter who you are. Name, fame, put it aside. Turn around and be empty. Just like you were just born. Be born again to be.

Today we discuss about the great suffering. In the second mantra, Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng, helping us to light up the wisdom light to see the truth of all suffering. You know there is no being that is satisfied or feels good when there is still suffering. All kinds of suffering it makes us sad, miserable. Sometimes those kinds of suffering are killing us slowly, not even know it, until we realize that moment we will die. No one can escape the suffering. That is the reality which Buddha teaches. That is the way. Suffering always exists within all forms, even you or me no matter how we are still facing somehow or some kind of suffering. Reflect from our own, that we see the suffering is so powerful sometimes which could put us down. Whether created by ourself  or created by someone who lives surrounding us. Like our family or parents, our loved one, or children, our brothers and sisters, or even friends, or whoever. We just meet the first time. Suffering is always created when we are associated with all surrounding The root of the suffering is not because of those doing something unexpected, or who treat us miserably. Just because we are attached to the I. “I am suffering” we always think there is the I. That it exists forever, and hold on to whatever we disagree with, or we don’t like therefore suffering is there. We manifest suffering.

 Buddha says, If you look deep, visualize about no form, no I, then all the attachments will be away no suffering going to come. But we say great suffering meaning is most when we suffer, we hold on for that suffering. When we suffer, we jump into the suffering, just like jumping into the wagon and run around the country and cry like a baby. So, when you are filled with suffering, no matter if you created it or if from someone else, but that moment you feel suffering remember that those kinds of suffering does not exist forever. It is impermanent, comes and goes, there and dies. Following the Buddha’s teaching now today we look at the different sign to realize that we more than just bury our head into the suffering and then cry. Because we find out we still have something else, not just to be there to be suffering, there is happiness for us to enjoy.

Have you ever experienced because you suffer that you find out you still have the opportunity to handle still have a greater capacity to receive that suffering and govern it by love and compassion. Suffering comes for us to discover there is compassion and forgiveness within us, with our suffering we don’t know what is suffering. Without suffering we don’t know what is forgiveness. Because suffering comes all arise, there is forgiveness within. We never had the right time to discover, to use.

The story talking about the Buddha himself, he had a cousin that hated Buddha so much when he was still a prince. They were both princes, in the same kingdom, but the cousin did not like the Buddha. Later her became Buddha’s student, but not with good intentions. He joined with the sangha of the Buddha to disrupt and destroy the Buddha. That was his intention. So, his cousin followed Buddha every footstep, and every inch of Buddhas life. There was great suffering created by him. But Buddha never suffered by those suffering because he is so compassionate, he is the great compassionate Buddha. His compassion energy transformed, and he understood the truth of life. Where is suffering there is happiness. That is wonderful. But for us we don’t know that where there is suffering there is happiness. We always see where there is suffering, I am crying. Where there is suffering, and we cry we create more suffering. But where there is suffering, there is happiness, is a much better thought, we should discuss and practice. You look not only you, but everybody also living in a small family, we still have the conflict between brothers and sisters when we were young. Our mom give birth to the same family, but we are not the same. Not the same way of life, we have a different way of thinking. The problem is that other brothers and sisters never accept how each other all. They try to convert, control or take charge, to make the brother or sister follow them. That creates great suffering, but for those who understand Buddhas teaching we use that condition to expand our love, compassion and forgiveness. We love the sister or brother who do not understand us because they still enjoy their life in the dark. That is why the mantra, Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. We turn on the wisdom light and we are working the darkness side of our brother or sister. The sun is just there shining up, and the light is given without saying anything. Right or wrong, good or evil, just there. Slowly, slowly every being realizes and understands the most important of the sun if for them to be the same. We just need to practice turning on our wisdom. No need to turn our life to become the police, the correction police, to correct other people from wrong to right. What people do for us to suffer because they always have their own expectations and want to correct us. How come we still get into their footsteps to create that suffering for them when we are always correcting them, and we always look at them and think they are wrong. Could we put away between sister and brother anything wrong, good or evil, put between us love compassion and forgiveness. Is it wonderful? It is not easy to do so. That is why we practice to training ourselves to feel more comfortable, be stronger, to present our life with loving kindness, compassion and forgiveness. We don’t have to follow them. We don’t have to be there for them to create some kind of tricking us to get upset or angry. On the other side, they are helping us to know we are very compassionate. Our capacity is there for us to forgive. The mantra Mu A Mu Sa is providing a special connection with the buddhas to receive the compassion energy. The Second mantra uses the compassion energy to maintain the light of wisdom forever bright to show the way for ourselves and for others to know the truth of love.

 The true love is not correcting others, not marking what is wrong or write. Not destroy them because they are wrong or evil. We always we try to destroy what we think is evil. We think we have the power, like God, to punish someone who is evil. Buddha says that when we think someone is evil we are actually seeing the evil within us. We label others to be evil. We don’t see the truth of the evil side in our thoughts. We are misled by our evil thoughts. Practice to be like the sun. No need to correct anything. The light from the sun tells the truth. The light of our own wisdom, the way we live, the way we work, the way we are here on earth will show the truth. Don’t try to show others’ their mistakes to show them that they made a great mistake, you don’t have to. That means if we do so we have a great desire and a great attachment into our evil thoughts. Those kinds of thoughts blind us and create more delusion to make us know nothing else except being upset and angry. Let’s return back to the breathing technique. Be humble ourselves. No need to correct anybody. No need to say so many people suffer and are wrong, so I have to be there to teach and convert, and I have to become their own savior. Or create a special way to rescue, salvation. We don’t need those. The sun never talks. But is just there lighting up. The sun never says, I am the savior, and I bring the special salvation to all. The sun is very quiet. Learn to be silent and live right, so the true wisdom light, just like the sun, silent but very powerful. Buddha says no need the mistake of others for the whole world to know. But we need to correct our mistakes. Look at each other, and promote the good, not the evil, be humble.

Let’s begin.

Buddha please bless us and lighting us in the right direction of the wisdom light for us to see the truth, to not become the correction police to correct others, or to mock other peoples mistakes, but rather just be like the sun, silenced and just giving the light to the true living being to show the way. Breathe in expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds and concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breath out, sunken your belly chanting the mantra: Muu Aaa Muu Saa. Breathe in, Breathe out, chanting: Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng.

Buddha, please bless us to understand all the great suffering exists within us just because desire, attachment and delusion. Bless us to know the other side of great suffering is compassion and love, the key to achieve love and compassion is forgiveness. Let’s not see the difference and suffer, but rather forgive to be happy. Breathe in, expanding our belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breath out, sunken our belly, chanting the mantra: Muuu Aaaa Muuu Saaa. Breathe in Breathe out, chanting: Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng.

Buddha help us to know the wisdom just like the sun, very quiet, but powerful. Because the sun is just giving the light to all. To convert everybody to be. Let us be the wisdom light under your blessing. Breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, breathe out, sunken the belly, chanting the mantra: Muuu Aaaa Muuu Saaa    Breathe in espanding your belly, breath out sunken your belly chanting: Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng.

Just be silent. All of us know that most of our suffering is just because we disagree, we dislike, we are dissatisfied. That we call not meeting with our expectation because we always want people to satisfy our desire. If they are different, we label them as wrong, therefore we destroy them. That means we are very evil. With the compassion eye, when we receive the compassion energy of Buddha, we receive the truth of all differences and encourage people to correct their life to be much better by just lighting up our wisdom, but not interfere, or stick our nose into other peoples lives, or to talk about what is wrong, to point out that that person is wrong, that person is evil. I have the way to show you to save you. I am the messenger of the savior; I know the truth. They don’t know the truth. Let’s together destroy them and follow me. That technique is very evil. So, no wisdom or compassion, only selfishness for those who live like that is very very bad. The life meets with all anger energy, energy existing within and burning them every second of their life. We do not need to live like that. We are better off from those, live happy. Use the mantra to light up your wisdom to see the truth.

All suffering comes to us because we created it, or someone else created it. It is a great opportunity to open up compassion and wisdom. We have the capacity to expand the unlimited love and compassion. Yes, we are all together to practice. Remember, life is too short, it depends on what you do. Life is long enough; it also depends on what you do. Don’t explain life is to short or too long, I am dying or not dying. People seeing themselves that they are dying say what should they do for the last moment to live right. Even if we just have a second to live we should live right. The last moment becomes a very good treasure to transform into the second life, but if you worry too much, you are killing yourself. You prepare for the next, but not living now. All you do is worry and scare people that we are going to die. Dying is the nature, there is no fear, no suffering, dying physically, dying friendships, dying relationships, dying of treasure, dying of luxury living, dying of all kinds is no bother if we all know that great suffering is the key.

You don’t have to practice Buddhist to become the correction center police. We don’t need to become the correction police. We don’t need anyone to correct others. Let’s not see other’s mistakes, let’s live peacefully and forgive, let’s live naturally and show the light of wisdom and light to others and be happy.

Once again thank you very much for you to practice with us. I send out all of my merit energy if there is any. I am always praying with the Buddha to bless us with happiness.  Out parents, brothers, sisters, neighbors and all people around us. I ask Buddha to bless us to no longer see other people’s mistakes and carry out you know to marketing other people’s mistakes, but to forgive and live right for ourselves. Let the way of the Buddha be observed with that meaning rather than going around to neighbors and friends or to talk about what other people say, “that person is wrong or evil, but don’t see the evil and wrong within us. Correct ourselves, and respect other people no matter what they do. The truth is always truth. Compassion is always truth. It will be prevail on others.

Let’s put our hands together. We offer the practice of this Saturday. May all our merit energy be blessed by all Buddhas that we humble ourselves to offer to our parents, those who are sick will be healed and happy. We also offer to all our brothers and sisters who disagree with us and have them understand to have the wisdom light on. Only love and forgiveness are needed. Let all of us practice love and forgiveness. Let the way of Spring manifest for all others to be. May all be blessed. Thank you have a great weekend. Enjoy with your family.



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