1026: Expanding Your Thought – Mu A Mu Sa

Nam Mo Shakyamuni

Mu A Mu Sa

May all of us be blessed by the Buddha. Good Morning everyone. My name is Bao Thanh, the Abbot of the Vietnamese Buddhist Meditation Temple in Frederick. I have been on this Channel, guiding the meditation techniques for those of us have the right time to activate the inner energy deep inside. So, every one of us will receive this energy to renew, refresh, and reconnect with the Buddha nature around us for us to be happier.

Toady I spend a little be more time to introduce our methods. Our technique has been practiced for thousands of years in South Vietnam. The method originally came from Buddha. We call it the awakening technique. We use a special mantra from the Buddha called enlightened mantra. When you sound it out, the mantra liberates, vibrates, it helps you become physically strong, empowers you. The electricity from chanting the mantra will run around your body, connecting you with the Universe.

Every time you are chanting the mantra you become one with the universe. It is very wonderful. You will have a special experience in which you will feel with your physical body. There is the power, the energy, very pure energy moving inside your body. The energy activates all your pressure points then it moves inside, it reconstructs your physical body in the way which promotes health, and you will become the special healer for yourself. The true nature of your body, when it incorporates with the special energy, will flow.

The Mantra, Mu A Mu Sa, is very good for your to practice correctly. There is no hurry. You take your time. I am willing to be there with you to practice.  You may think you have to hurry. No just take your time. When we have the right time, just take the time, trust each other, and practice in harmony. Therefore, we will connect very deep with the Buddha nature.

 So, let me sound out the Mantra for you to listen to. The mantra means, “May all sentient beings be free of all kinds of suffering physically, mentally, spiritually and receive the compassion energy from all the Buddhas in the ten directions.”

 It is very wonderful chanting the mantra. The world needs to be healed. Every one of us take part and work with the universe to be one with the universe, we are not separate from the universe, we are one. We no longer disconnect ourselves from the true nature within. We reconnect ourself with the nature, by this Mantra. It is not a magic mantra, but it is powerful. The sound of Mu A Mu Sa, when you are chanting it correctly, liberates you from all the darkness. It sets you free to enjoy life. It sets you free to regain your power. It sets you free to move on, and remove all the road blocks. It helps you to purify all negative energy.

You know life does not need to drag you down into the negative energy. The key to getting out of the negativity is chanting this mantra along with mindfulness breathing technique in and out. I will spend the rest of today, 30 minutes, to help make sure you understand, and from this point you can engage with us on this channel. You can also call us or talk to us, or text any questions.

 Once again, the benefit of this technique is to activate your own self, your original power energy. When we are born from the mother, heaven and earth bless us, there is the special energy within us already, so therefore all of us must remember this. Don’t forget that original energy. Practice all the time so we can empower ourselves, reactive, reconnect don’t disconnect, don’t separate from the nature. 

Let me sound out the first word, “Mu”. You breathe in by the nose, and you move it down to the lower body, expanding your belly. Breath in, move it down, expanding your belly. That is why we call it expanding your thought. Our thought has a capacity very big, just like the universe if you don’t limit it. You are expanding the thought with the practice. The practice purifies all negative thought and reproduces a very good energy to lift you up to be a higher level. Every one of us will become our own master. Master of our life. We become our masterpiece or our center life by reconnecting to the original energy that is still there from birth. But we need to activate it, need to reengage, need to promote it to flow around you.

Many students misunderstand thinking that there is a special place, a sacred place you need to go to. There is no sacred place. The sacred is within you. That is what Buddha said, so you return back to yourself.

Let’s take a deep breath in and when you are breathing out you are chanting. You say Mu A Mu Sa along with the air which is coming up from your lower body. Let me do it and you see it first. “Muuuu” the sound came from under, slowly raises up along your backbone. The Sound is moving with your breath when you are breathing out the sound vibrates from a lower point in your body. The point is called the heaven gate. The Heaven Gate point will vibrate your power, your energy, help you to be stronger. Where is the heaven gate point? In front of the tailbone, the ending bone. So when you breathe in you practice with the breathing first. When you take it in you take it down expanding your belly just like thinking down there is the universe, life is there. All life is from there. The life energy from there spreads your entire body. So when you take in you breathe in really deep, you are going down. While you are breathing out you say, “Muuu Aaaa Muuu Saaaa”.

 That mantra has a power liberates from the lower part of your body, to the top of your head. Every time you breathe in, moving down to the heaven gate, and breathing out again and sound out the mantra, you entire body is vibrating it shakes, it moves. The energy flows within you and connects you with the universe energy, connecting you with all Buddhas in the ten directions. You are receiving that compassion energy and that energy vibrates, it is moving. When you recognize the energy moving you just allow it to flow. It is a very helpful, very healthy energy. Many many years I have been practicing this. It is benefiting my health. It benefits my life, and I am always happy. Of course like everyone else sometimes I suffer and am sad, but when those kinds of negative energies  do not exist very long. Because when those negative feelings arise I realize it and then I focus on the compassion energy with the mantra Mu A Mu Sa. I transform that negative energy right away and happiness will flow within me. Very easy for me to purify those negative energies, my master taught me these techniques, I taught a lot of students who have benefitted from these techniques.

Today I want you to understand that “expanding your thought” is to receive, connect,  and activate yourself with the original energy within you. Make sure you understand, and you practice very slowly every day for you to reconnect, because no one can do it for you. Buddha cannot do it for you.  I cannot do it for you, But I can show the way that Buddha showed us. So you follow that method and you practice and you reconnect. You become your own architect, rebuild you body, reconstruct your body in a very good way that you receive a very good energy every day through out your life.

 Life is wonderful, don’t waste it by falling into the trap of negative energy. Life is wonderful. You do not have to be stuck in the negative energy and suffer.  Let’s smile, lets be happy and enjoy. So now take in one more time  deep in by your nose and down into your expanding it. When you breathe in you know you are breathing in.  When you are expanding your belly, you know your belly is expanding. You meditate and visualize while your belly is expanding, your thought is getting bigger and you are rejoining with the universe. Let’s do it one more time. Breathe in, moving down and chanting:

Muuuuu Aaaaaa Muuuu Saaaa.

In your practice you don’t have to count the quantity, the number, how many times you do it, how many hours are best. One time is good, two times also good. A hundred times also good. It depends on the quality and the correct practice. If you do it correctly only one time you are filled with the energy it is activated. You are filled with that energy throughout the day.

So, do it right, do it correctly to regain your original energy. Do it right, do it correctly to be with the Buddha, to be one with the universe to join with the mother earth. There is no hurry for you to run around looking for happiness. Time for you to sit down to be relaxed. It is really important that you love yourself. If you love yourself and care for yourself, you should practice. I guarantee 100 percent that if you practice, you will regain your own energy, and you will take control of your life. No matter what comes into your life you will be able to transform, liberate and promote the energy into the right direction to be happy all the time.

You are going to get sick if you have a lot of negative energy in your physical body. Why you have to spend time, money and your great effort to go to the doctor when you could just heal yourself. Why do you have to wait until you are sick and go to the doctor. Why don’t you love yourself and take care of yourself right not. It is very important. Don’t wait for God to take care of you, Don’t wait for Buddha to take care of you. Buddha showed you how take full responsibility for ourself.  Lets stand up and practice. Let’s practice to enjoy life.

If you are suffering physically, you still need to got to the doctor, still need the treatment, the medication. But if you incorporate practicing with the energy,  with the doctor’s treatments, the practice will help. It helps you regain your power. It helps you regain your life.

Let’s do it one more time and see how you feel. Do it right, do it correct, you will fill with the energy right away. I feel a lot of energy within me, and the master and the nun you know she is 84 years old but they are very healthy very strong. Every day they practice with me, they smile and they are happy. 84 years old, still sitting we me for an hour and practice. Come on, you are very young you too can do it.

 Let us take air in by your nose,

Innnn, expanding your belly, concentrate on the heaven gate, breath out chanting the mantra, lets do it, do it correctly. Muuuu Aaaa Muuu Saaaa.

See when you do it correctly, you are filled with the energy. Let’s feel with your physical body right now. Let’s look around within you, Do you feel the energy moving inside you? If you discover there is energy moving on the top of your head or what part of your body. Keep your mind right there, but don’t forget your breathing technique: in – expanding, out – sunken and chanting. Just repeat It a couple times a day.

 While you are driving you could do it in the car. You can chant louder; nobody is going to hear. Driving, breathe in, then you say Muuu Aaaaa Muuuu Saaaa.  No body will laugh at you. You love yourself you care for yourself. Only one breath in, one breath in with your breathing technique with the mantra, it activates your energy while you are going to work. You know, you practice, you get used to it and the energy is always activated, actively flows. It becomes a very good energy surrounding your body. So when the negative energy affects you through the interaction with someone else, it cannot get in. Because within you is full of good energy already. It is called the spiritual meditation energy. You take it in first, before you go to work, while you are driving. Or even when you wake up in the bed, don’t hurry to go to the rest room, don’t hurry to do something else. Just sit still. Reconnect with the earth, with God with the Buddha, with the righteousness, with your subconsciousness. So you sit on the bed, don’t step down, don’t do anything. Don’t’ have to hurry to wash your face or brush your teeth. Just be there sitting, and breathing in expanding your tummy, and chant Muuu Aaaaa Muuu Saaaa.

If you are not in a hurry do chant three times. It is good enough. Only three times, when you wake up while you are still stitting on your bed. Do it only three times very deep. Activate your energy after the long night of sleep.  Purify your body, mind and spirit before you start your day.  That day will be always happy, healthy you know we have a choice. We choose to live happy. We don’t choose to live in suffering and sadness. You know that is a very clear choice. Why don’t you do it? What happened? You know we stand up because we love ourself. Even before you go to bed or you are tired after watching tv taking care of your children or husband.

Before you go to bed, don’t just lay down and fall asleep. The negative energy packed in affects against you. You can just sit still on the bed before you lay down. You can chant one or two or three times. You breathe in expanding your tummy and concentrate on the heaven gate point and you breathe out and you are chanting the mantra.

Let’s do it.

Muuu Aaaa Muuu Saaa

You know when you walk in your home there is a switch and turn the light on. It is the same, only one breath in and breath out and you turn on your energy. Good energy, re-engaged, reconnected with the Buddha.  Why do you need red bull? Why do you need the energy drink? It’s no good. It damages your brain. Mu A Mu Sa is a very good nutrition, very good vitamin, very good energy. You don’t need a drink from outside. You just need to drink Mu A Mu Sa with your breathing techniques.

Especially now people are in such a hurry and work so hard to make a living and forget to reactivate their energy.  Mu A Mu Sa is a very good vitamin, a very good energy drink that you don’t need to purchase. You only need to sit and chant once in the morning and once at night before you sleep you will be happy. Not because I say you, practice and you will know. Not because I say so do you follow. Rather, you practice, and you will experience, and you will know how wonderful this is. I have been teaching here in the United States for more than 30 years, my students practiced and they have benefited for themselves.

I send out this special invitation to encourage you to practice. Love yourself please. Mom and daddy give us our life. It is our turn to love and take care of ourselves to pay a great respect to our parents giving us a chance to be living here now. Love yourself by practicing one more time and fill with your energy please. Be free to practice. It is not necessary to be a Buddhist, or religious. You know you do not have to follow any religion, or be a Buddhist. You just be yourself and practice. Of course, I am a Buddhist monk, but I don’t want to convert you to become Buddhist. I want you to love yourself, I want you to practice. To regain control of your life to be happy. No need to suffer my friend.

Come on, let’s do it one more time. Breathe in through your nose move down to your tummy and expand your belly.

In – expanding your belly. Focus your thought on expanding your belly like the universe, sunken your belly, chanting the mantra:  Muuu Aaaa Muu Saaa.

You know when you get home and turn on the light, and you have all your time to enjoy with your family. You see that, it doesn’t take much time for your life. You do it one time a day before you go to bed, or right when you wake up. It is just like turning on the light, turn on the energy, so you have all day full of energy to enjoy with your family and enjoy doing your job. The heavy impact from the job is no matter because this energy transforms it. It helps you to be stronger. It is very good spiritual viteman multiple vitamin – very healthy.

I don’t need you to follow Buddhist. But I do need you to stand up for yourself and love yourself to be strong, to be healthy, to regain control of your mindful breathing technique, know how to smile and live happy. That is the special message I send out to you every weekend. Every weekend, every Saturday 11:30 Eastern time, I practice this, I talk about this, I am encouraging you to stand up for yourself, to love yourself, to care for yourself.

Today we talked about expanding your thought. Which just means expanding your practice to do it one time only when you wake up or before you go to bed to reactivate yourself. If you care more, you love more you do it twice. If you love it because you feel the energy, and feel healthier, you do it one more times, three times. You do it as long as you want. But at least one time in the morning and at night time. If you do it good, you do it seven times every morning when you wake up and seven times before you go to bed. When you are driving or going anywhere; shopping or work, can just do it.  If you husband is taking you to the job, you can sit in the passenger seat and you can chant it by yourself. Your husband will be surprised, and ask, “What are you doing?” You just say activating your energy. And you are encouraging him to practice too. Why not, if you have a good thing why not share it. You introduce to your loved ones. Why just hold It for yourself? Let’s share this message for this weekend. Stand up, Take care of ourself, to be happy. Mu A Mu Sa it helps us to be happy, healthy. Let’s do you it one more time before we stop for this Saturday.

Let’s do it again. Ok. Breathe in, expanding your belly, concentrate on the heaven gate, breathe out, sunken your belly, chanting: Muuuu Aaaa Muuu Saaaa

Dear friend don’t think this is about being Buddhist because you see me put on the robe, the Buddhist monk, and see all the nuns behind me. It is not about religion; it is about how much you care for yourself. It is about how much you love yourself. It is about how you wish your life to be. If your wish to be happy, reactivate, reconnect with the universe, then transform yourself now. Make sure you reach out to your friends after you practice, introduce to your friend one time a day is very helpful.

Like taking a multivitamin once a day because you know your body cannot produce enough vitamins. Mu A Mu Sa will produce a good energy for your life. It is the multiple vitamin that is very helpful.

Thank you for listening to me and practicing. Have a good weekend.

Thank you.

May Buddha bless you all.

May all sentient beings be free of suffering and may they all receive good compassion energy from all the Buddhas in the ten directions.

Thank you.



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