Na Mo Shakyamuni   Mu A Mu Sa    Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng

Good morning. Today is Saturday. The right time now for us to do meditation together. Let’s take a moment for us to let go all things and well prepare to be ready. Now just listen to the bell. May all sentient beings be free of suffering, and all receive compassion and wisdom energy from all Buddhas in the ten directions.

Please just sit down in the position you feel comfortable depending on how the body allows you to be. Best to sit on a cushion or you can sit on a sofa, bench, whatever that you feel comfortable. Not forcing yourself to sit in a position that the body doesn’t please you at all.

Put your right hand, the wisdom hand on top of the left hand we call the compassion hand. We have been practicing mindfulness meditation through the special sacred mantra for almost two years. Our method it going back to the nature within and connect with all the Buddhas by meditating on the wisdom and the compassion. From the moment we do the mindfulness breathing techniques and chanting the mantra every one of us will have a chance to receive greater energy physically, mentally and spiritually. While we do it, if you feel the energy coming to you or connect with you, you just need to relax and observe it. Just like when it rains. The mother earth just receives it with no rejection. It is good for your health. Good for your mind, and good for everything. Today we are going to talk about breaking down the old Karma. The old karma force needs to be transformed and broken through so we can move on to the new chapter. Not stuck there. How to do it to receive more energy. Wisdom and compassion will be very helpful.

Now we are going to do the meditation. If you are a new person today just follow along. When we breath in, we breathe through our nose and carry down to the lower body. We expand the belly, hold it there for three seconds. We concentrate by the heaven gate point which is in front of the tail bone. Then we sunken our belly and we breathe out chanting the mantra. By doing just that we are going to receive a good energy.

We are ready to do it. Just follow.

May all of you receive a greater energy for this weekend. Breathe in, expanding the belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point. Breathe out, Sunken the belly. Chanting the mantra:

Mu A Mu Sa      Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng (7x)

We just keep silent and practice in and out and chanting the Mantras.

Mu A Mu Sa is the compassion sound the enlightened sound, the awakened sound, the very special vibration sound when you chant the sound of Mu A Mu Sa and the Sound of the mantra Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. Will join together helping you receive a good energy by breaking through the old Karma force which we have done and created still exists within us. That is why in life we experience so many things from the past, unexpected, but still come and bother us. Most of us suddenly feel very sad. The past memory just comes. All those negative energies take over and makes us tired. Most after awhile we feel ok. Some it takes longer from day to day. It is not good for our health. It is very hard to resist it. It just comes and takes over.

Buddha understands all the forces, all the energy negative or positive from now or from the past. Always comes, always has the energy flowing within connected from all energies surrounding. To understand more easily, at nighttime it is all dark. We are very lucky today is a full moon day so at nighttime we see the full moon. Most of the time the full moon is not there, and it is very dark. When the sun rises, the darkness goes away naturally. The sun just arise, and the light will be there and the darkness will be gone. So all the old Karma is just like the darkness energy within us. Try not to push them away, but try to light up the wisdom, meaning welcome the sunrise.

Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng means that we welcome a greater light from the wisdom sun that connects with all the awakened ones, the Buddhas. By doing it that way all the darkness energy from the past, the old Karma that we created will naturally be removed. I remember all the mothers know the trick. No matter how the children play when they are young. When they get dirty mom has a trick. Mom knows how to was by the water. In the old days they carried it down to the river, now a days it goes in the washing machine. By doing that the mother allows the children to play around and experience with life. We play around so much, and we mess up our life by playing with the darkness energy. It’s ok, the Buddha, just like the mother knows exactly what is going on. Children like to play, and by playing the children experience life. We learn by playing around with our Karma, the Buddha shows us the way to clean up our dirty stuff. We are just happy to be with him and learn how to clean. All the old Karma that created some kind of negative or bad energy. It’s Ok. We all have done that. We all do something just like that when we were young, or because of something. But now we remember, the Buddha already came to us through this special technique of Mu A Mu Sa and Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. These two mantras are very powerful.  The energy we receive when chanting with breathing will naturally clean up and transform the entire old Karma that we have done.  It is very special.

I have been practicing for many years. I say to myself that my old Karma is slowly breaking down and transform it for me to receive more good energy every day. If you said, then what, just like every day, every body. Things still come, good and evil, but my mind is stable. I be able to see and witness when it comes, observe it with compassion and wisdom. I am happier every day no matter what has happened I just that. Nothing bothers me. Things still move on as usual. But my mind is stable and clear. I enjoy my life much more every day. So I ask you to practice with me every Saturday even though it is only 30 minutes It is very helpful. The energy we receive through the mantras creates special vibrations, meaning purifying all our Karma energy. Just need to practice. The more information you receive is very helpful for your practice. But if you don’t bring it on and practice, it doesn’t help much. We are connecting and gathering information, but we encourage you to sit down and practice with us. We have been practicing for almost two years every Saturday. But it seems like just yesterday.  Just like when we eat food, you never ask how much longer am I going to need to eat. The same is true with meditation. Just treat the hour like the food you should eat every day. Your body will be very happy physically because the body is receiving a good energy. If you take note, you will feel that every single part of your body, all the pressure points open up, all the chakras open up, and you feel a lot of energy flowing within your body while you are chanting the mantra. This is wonderful to see the energy flow within us. It is also wonderful that we can offer those good energy to our loved ones. Practice is not just for ourselves. When we practice together, we maintain a very good network of energy helping each other and cherishing our lives and living happy every day.

So, remember the two mantra we have learned are very powerful because those sounds came from the awakened one. Also, the vibration when we are chanting the mantras allows us to connect deeper with the Buddhas. Not just by talking, but we are connecting with the Buddha. It is very good to see and know ourselves. That is the only way for us to be peaceful and happy.

Break down the old Karma, the way the Buddha is showing us just means to pour in the better energy from Wisdom and Compassion. The more we pour in our life the more the bad energy will be removed and transformed in a natural way. Nothing else needs to be done. Don’t have to work harder to receive it. Just like the mother washing the children with soap. Mu A Mu Sa is the water of compassion. Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng is the soap, the wisdom washes and transforms all negative energy and all the old karma. Also make a breakthrough and go beyond. Let’s not just stand there and suffer ourselves by the old stuff that is still coming back and bothering us. Let’s take charge and clean up our energy. Let’s enjoy life again, especially if it is not wrong.

Next week is Thanksgiving. It is ok to prepare a big meal for our families, but it is better if we prepare a good energy, spiritual, compassion and wisdom energy while we cook, while we prepare food for our family, while we prepare for a moment which the whole family gets together. Every year we eat the same thing, or we add something in new. This year add in the special energy from the meditation practice. Through compassion and wisdom energy. I believe that the Thanksgiving dinner is going to be the best of the best, because all the members of the family will receive the goodness energy to break through the karma and live a new spiritual life. We practice to offer, we practice to share with our loved ones. It is not very hard. It is very easy. You see what I am doing. Just sitting, breathing in breathing our and chanting the mantra. It is very easy. High technology they create the solar and put it on the roof. When the sun arises, the solar panels just receive the energy from the sun and it creates a good energy we can use. It is the same with the two special mantras are the solar panel of Mu A Mu Sa and the solar panel of Nam Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng of wisdom. The two are put together with the breathing techniques we receive directly from the enlightened one. We convert the energy to use in a special we. Let’s focus on Thanksgiving to remember our Grandparents, parents, husband and wife, children, our country. Offer the most we have and give thanks to them by practicing by putting on the solar panels on the roof of our mind and receive directly good energy from all the awakened ones that we offer to all. Let’s take a moment to do again and receive that good energy to offer to all to break down the old Karma.

Let’s put the right hand and left hand together. As sense of the Thanksgiving surround. We could smell that. We are thankful for all. This thanksgiving we practice meditation and put up the two solar panels of compassion and wisdom to receive the good energy from all the Buddhas in the ten directions and we offer to all our loved ones. May all our loved ones be happy, peaceful, and no longer suffer by the old Karma. Let’s breathe in through your nose, expanding your belly, hold it there for three seconds, concentrate on the heaven gate point, sunken your belly, breathe out, and chanting the mantra: Think about your loved ones now and share our energy to all now.

Mu A Mu Sa    Na Mo Ta Mo Ta Mo Da Ra Houng. (7x)

Yes, that’s all we do every Saturday. We take 30 minutes sitting down and practicing together. Eileen and I have been practicing about two years. All we do is practice to receive a good energy. The compassion and wisdom energy will naturally transform ourselves every day. Today we practice to break down the old Karma and to be thankful for everyone who is helping us in life.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your dinner with family. If you need more information you see on the screen there is the website. You will be able to find more information to understand us. Using Google translate. It isn’t perfect. We have video and written text. You can call or email us. The phone number is one the webize. You can call my cell phone 301-792-1095. Leave the message. I will call you back.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy.

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